Trump gets a new hairstyle

Looks much better.
He has a definite front hairline. That’s a surprise. I thought he was doing a comb over to hide a bald head. Guess not.

It’s called plugs. The same thing Mark Levin goes on about with Joe Biden.

You may be right, but I don’t think so. I’ve seen plugs.

Looks good.

Isn’t it the back of his head that’s so bald?

Looks stupid…


Looks better

I didn’t think he could look any uglier. But he does. I think he should try the Don King look.

If it really is a new style it smacks of desperation.

You know how much he loves media attention. It gives people something else to talk about besides the USS John McCain.

Hairstyle? Desperation? For god’s sake man, you really have it bad.

Oh. look more fake news… So sad! The left will never learn. Wait 10 days before you believe anything from the media. Cable is dying, it’s mostly “click bait” type stories…

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You’re right, Cratic. Fox News reported it with its usual click-bait style. It’s definitely fake.

Compared to his normal look?

It’s a YUUUUGE improvement.

Was the rationale for this he didn’t want to be mistaken for Boris Johnson?

I’m a big proponent of function over form. As such, I’d have to applaud the President’s routine ability to create a functional visor out of his combover.

I’ve long suspected that the combover is comprised largely of ear hair, which adds points from both a function and creativity perspective.

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So… ! Still wrong! Did you wait 10 days to believe the media?

That’s vulgar!

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So Fox News was wrong?