Trump Force One

According to Trump, it’s “not for me,” but for future presidents. The new fleet won’t be ready until 2024. Personally, I like the current paint scheme more as it has become iconic. The new design reminds me of US Air and American Airlines.

The new designs look just fine. But it’s super generic and looks like any other airline plane.

The current scheme has become iconic. It’ll be a shame if that look is shelved in favor of the new ones. It’d be like the Yankees getting rid of the iconic NY logo they have.

You always know a plane is AF1 whenever you see it.

Just keep it as is.

I’ll have to look when I get to a computer.

I can barely see the design on my phone and ABC News site doesn’t seem to let me blow it up.

Yes, I had a hard time viewing it on my laptop. I don’t think the White House provided ABC with a better image of it.

My thread title suggests that Trump is making this change to Air Force One all about himself. I should try to reserve judgement. This could have been some other people’s idea, but Trump hasn’t exactly earned the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe that’s the point of changing it.

Because nothing says America like a generic looking airplane.

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Nothing DOES say America like a generic looking airplane

That’s America today.

Are you saying that having a generic looking plane would keep the President safer?

I’m certainly not an expert on air battles or anti-air artillery, but I can’t imagine that a nation or terrorist group capable of taking down Air Force One would be fooled by a different paint job.

Looks like a pretty nice revision to me.


Something tells me Trump would have really hated the new design had Obama proposed the exact same change.

It’s undeniable how he wants to credit himself for the design for him to be forever associated with the plane. He likely views it partly as a historic landmark of his.


Might that be the reason to make it more generic looking? Not stick out like a sore thumb?

Lol that someone opines that the paint scheme looks generic and the there is (I doubt) serious defense of that as some sort of brilliant camouflage.

The President just showed off a rendering of the livery and when the actual plane rolls out it will be all over the news. Everyone who cares enough to even wrongly think about doing something to the plane will know what it looks like.

Camouflage / blending is an age-old security technique.

I’m not saying it would work in this case, just saying it may be the thought process.

I think the Air Force can handle such threats. It’s not like random Russian MiGs and Japanese Zeros are flying in the air and might stumble upon Air Force One.

Why do you assume an air to air scenario?

The current Air Force One has a sky blue underbelly. The proposed one has a dark blue underbelly. What’s easier to see from the ground?

You know Trump had nothing to do with the new design because there’s no crayon on the drafts.

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Also the 747 is being retired largely, at least from the passenger market. If the President wants to hide maybe the President should fly on a more common in operation jet. Or at least take the big flag off the tail and the “United States of America” in big letters off the side.

Anyways. The design looks fine. Looks like British Airways, though, which is kind of funny depending on how you think about it.