Trump fixer Cohen says he helped Falwell handle racy photos

“The Falwells told Cohen that someone had obtained photographs that were embarrassing to them, and was demanding money, the source said. Reuters was unable to determine who made the demand. The source said Cohen flew to Florida and soon met with an attorney for the person with the photographs.”

OMG- this is unbelievable. This explains Falwell’s unfailing sycophancy to Trump- which made no sense until now!

The guy is turning into a real Avenatti.

These people are such scum. Each and every one of them needs to be bitch slapped for eternity.

Then again, they sold their souls for Fat Donald, so ■■■■ em. Have no mercy upon them.

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I wonder if it is part of this story?

According to the original lawsuit, Granda was working as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau in 2012 when Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki stayed at the resort. The suit says Granda “befriended” Falwell Jr. and his wife at the Fontainebleau.

This must be fallout of the boinking young boys story that was circulating down in Florida. Fallwell is filthy scum. Glad he is getting dragged and I hope it takes him and has fake-christian grifting enterprise down.


I swear. One of these days we’re going to catch you in a non hateful mood. It may take a few years. But it could happen. Cheer up Charlie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I am cheerful! It’s a beautiful sunny day, I have a couple great steaks ready for the grill and some good ballgames to watch this evening. Life is good!

I don’t believe Cohen. I find Falwell’s embrace of trump disgusting. I’m not looking to pair these two up for a reason why Falwell supports Trump, the way he defends him it doesn’t really matter.

I do believe him. Why would he make this up?

Sure does explain a lot about how a leading evangelical threw his lot in with, of all people, Donald John Trump. Fits in well with Occam’s Razor.

Be prepared, however, for a torrent of complaints in defense of Trump that Cohen is not trustworthy because of, ironically, the execrable things he did for Donald John Trump.

Exactly. This kind of thing is Cohen’s metier.

I just noticed that the most honest part of the Donald Trump is his middle name.


Plus 5 for “metier”. Thanks.

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Looks like Muller missed taking the Falwell files when they raided Cohen’s office.

Why do you say that? It has nothing to do with Mueller. Mueller’s office probably had a good laugh, though.

Cohen’s files are Cohen’s files.
Trump isn’t Cohen’s only client.
Cohen “meticulously” tapes and memorialize documentations of his clients.
Mueller would have taking any files of others with any association with Trump.

Maybe, but they would not have been part of Mueller’s report on conspiracy and obstruction. I am sure he found out loads of interesting info on many topics when they searched Cohen’s office.

it’s not surprising is it?

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it looks like his face hurts.

It’s killing me.