Trump finishes up with worst approval rating of any POTUS

Really? Do you mean to tell me, what took place in the Seattle nursing home, very early on…weeks before it arrived on the east coast, wasn’t a wake up call to those managing similar institutions? Do you really believe people are that stupid? If they are that stupid, it’s soooooooo stupid that it’s criminal but you answered the question…it’s different. I feel for all of those family members whose loved ones died as a direct result of blatant, ignorant stupidity.

It obviously wasn’t. Nobody knew what was going on.


You have to wonder what Cuomo was thinking. Was it deliberate on his part? :thinking:

Then he had the nerve to write about about how well he handled it. :crazy_face:

WRONG!!! Here’s my post on the subject from April. I knew what was going on and yelled it from the rooftops.

The Post reports that a Brooklyn nursing home that’s seen New York’s greatest number of COVID-related deaths (55, on the latest list) wrote the state Health Department on April 8 to plead for help.

Cobble Hill Health Center CEO Donny Tuchman e-mailed four officials to report that his facility had “over 50 symptomatic patients scattered through the building and almost no gowns” and warned, “There is no way for us to prevent the spread under these conditions.”

STAT – 29 Feb 20

First Covid-19 outbreak in a U.S. nursing home raises concerns

Washington state reported the first U.S. death from the new coronavirus, the first health care worker infected, and the first outbreak in a nursing home.

The first outbreak was in February and on the other side of the country. Nursing home managers everywhere had a wake up call right then…and right there. What they did from that point forward to protect their occupants and employees is what needs to be examined?

Do you have a post on the forum on that subject?

Or it just Monday morning quarterbacking.


Notice the second post after the OP. Who is it my friend and what did they say?

So what date did Cuomo stop this order.


And you don’t think that its a legitimate issue?

As the facts emerge it is becoming more of a hit job.

Timing…security stand down… agitator placement…and who…why was Ashley Babbitt shot.

Trump needs to be able to answer the accusations.

Still 2 more days to bump up that FINAL poll tally.

Your question implies…you really don’t care but my point is that you hold one entity totally responsible for something that at best, was indirectly responsible, while giving a free pass to another, who was directly responsible for what it is you’re condemning. You’re better than this and have a great heart. Use your open mind in the same manner and remove politics. Just look at the evidence.


Considering he’s been making such tweets for about four years you criticizing him for it yesterday, after all this time, is mighty big of you. :roll_eyes:

It’s only that the eye that would have seen me say the same thing previously, is closed. That’s how you roll.

Yeah I don’t remember that. I do remember the talking cat videos though. Weird.

May 10th.

You’ve evolved my friend and now have bitterness leading your way. I remember well that both of us, often, prior to Trump being elected, saw things and commented on them from very similar perspectives.

Still at 48 percent with Rasmussen. The left wing polls are interested in a phony low send off.

Partly because they hate him and partly to discourage him from running again.

No telling what percentage of dem voters are in their latest polls.

Certain to be plenty high.

The interesting thing to me is how they get pissed off at what he says more than what he actually does.

I find that strange.


Even in original jurisdiction cases? Are you sure?

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You believe the polls now?