Trump finally get his investigation

after dodging impeachment Trump’s DOJ has finally admitted they are working with private personal lawyer to investigation Joe Biden. I should note that Rudy isn’t working for the President he is working for private citizen Donald Trump or so he claimed in a letter to the President of Ukraine.

Attorney General William Barr confirmed Monday that the Justice Department has been receiving information from Rudy Giuliani about his operation in Ukraine, solidifying the channels through which political dirt on the President’s rivals has made it into the country’s top law enforcement agency.

At an unrelated news conference in Washington Monday morning, Barr said that the Justice Department has an “obligation to have an open door to anybody who wishes to provide us information that they think is relevant” but expressed skepticism about the reporting, noting that Ukraine can be a dubious source.

Biden won’t even be the nominee so lol.

Hopefully the Kid Sniffer’s days of abusing everything within groping distance is finished now that libs finally don’t have to vote for him ever again. lol

Sure he will. Just ask Nancy, Chuck, Adam and Jerry and the rest of the impeachment crowd…or was this all fake?


No longer thinking Clinton will be the nominee? Now on to Biden?

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Where’s the 1.8 billion in missing Ukrainian foreign aid?