Trump finally admits the truth

224 days after the election, Trump finally admits the truth.


How does that feel Trumplicans? He’s likely known for a long time but continued to bilk his supporters out of hundreds of millions of dollars. All for the largest case of sore loserism in history. What a great guy. :roll_eyes:


Seriously? No one is gonna defend the former president. I thought he could do no wrong.

Was that a formal concession ? :open_mouth:


biden is enjoying all the perks of the presidency as we speak.

Is this new information?


Did you forget how he operates? He will say the complete opposite tomorrow.


The quality of gloating is not strained.

Not asking for the pound of flesh… just the point and laugh.

Trump admitting defeat? You betcha! :rofl:

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Of course he won and knows he did.

Some people just never get anything Trump says.

Is this one of those things where we are meant to take him seriously, not literally?

The preference is to focus on Trump while Biden ruins all his policies.

I like that Trump is showing up in the news more…drives his social media censors batty.

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Really? I very rarely hear anything about Trump in the news any more. He’s yesterday’s news.

Granted, I don’t listen to 24 hour news stations that really have to dig to find enough stuff to fill 24 hours - but I haven’t heard anything about Trump on the local or national network news stations that I do listen to.

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The left is striving mightily to distract Americans attention away from all the disasters biden is creating with his policies.


Is there a purpose to this other than the unique opportunity for a smartest guy in the room leftist to take a cheap shot while trying to lump millions of people into one stereotype?

If you guys don’t have arrogance you really don’t have anything so you.

The sitting President has completely failed this country…in my opinion his performance at the border is so destructive to this country it’s impeachable…his policies have created significant inflation…despite the gushing on cnn and the view his performance at the G7 and with Putin was a joke…he is putting Americans right back in the stupid position of relinquishing the energy independence we were heading toward…he can’t offer a spending bill that’s not in the trillions…the biggest lies of the campaign were “unity” and “I m a moderate”…he’s pretty much bent over and grabbed his ankles for the critical racism theory crowd…and that idiot Vice President might just as well be a clown school reject.

Maybe it’s easier to attack 75 million people who voted for Trump than to defend this rolling blackout in this dumpster fire of a presidency.


Right. He was living in the WH until he finally admitted he didn’t win.

I’ve not heard of anyone gloating themselves to death, but it could happen.


A ploy to shift the focus from their own failed Chief. ?


You were swearing it was stolen like two days ago.