Trump Family Wasting Tax Payers Money on Vacation to UK

Donald Trump, his wife, his four kids, and their spouses ALL went to the UK on the taxpayers dime.
Melania and Ivanka flew separately.
Kuschner flew separately from Middle East.

Curious if the Tea Party folks here as well as those who expressed their vitrol and loathing towards President Obama and his “vacations” with his family will join me in wishing that most of the Trumps who went would pay their own way. Government waste at its finest.

Of course, I am one to suspect that King Trump wanted to bring his Royal Family along to show England that the US has their own version of royalty.

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You think that the criticism of the previous president doing this had anything to do with being fiscally responsible?


Nope. I have an idea why, but the purpose is to see if posters will have some consistency between administrations when it comes to lavish vacations on taxpayers dime.

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That whirring sound you hear is the massive army of mobility devices converging on DC to demand fiscal responsibility of Donald and his administration.

Gonna be yooge.

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By now we all know how full of ■■■■ certain people are.


I hear its costing $200 MILLION / day


And that number is in 2010 dollars, so it’s actually something like a billion dollars in today’s dollars.


Whaddaya know. Turns out Trump WILL pay to support his adult children if it’s our nickel.


Just in time for Father’s Day. :wink:

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It’s good to be the King.

Now, all you Trump voters get to work. Gotta pay for the Trump’s to travel.

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No Obese Donald loving Tea Party folks or other so called Obese Donald loving Conservative folks will complain about Moolania and the rest of the Trump clan vacationing on the TAXPAYERS dime!

Get real. This is the WUDS era. It isn’t like when that comminist, fascist, Mooslum, dog eating Kenyan usurper was in the White House!!!

Times changed in the summer of 2015.
Folks on the RIGHT changed then as well.

Amen to that!

It is the CONsistency of WUDS.


What was wrong in the last presidency is now right!

What was bad is now good!

What was unacceptable behavior then is now cheered!

An amazing 180 of principles.

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Trump has not taken any vacations.

He plays golf at his own property…a lot…while also conducting Presidential business.

To make this an issue???

Go right ahead.


How much presidential business did Trump accomplish with this twosome?
How many hours of Secret Service were used to follow Trump around while he was “conducting presidential business with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholas”?

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This is another opportunity for fiscally conservative people to speak up about governmental spending.

I’m going to hold my breath starting


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He doesn’t need or enjoy vacations.

End of point.


That’s a great non-answer.

It solidifies that the loathing and anger towards Obama was simply because a Democrat was occupying the office. Good to know that principles don’t mean squat to Trump worshippers.


What a load…

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