Trump Falsely Says Law Prevents Him Releasing Tax Returns Under Audit

Here is what I dont get, Trumpers excuse for Trump not releasing his returns is because its no ones business but his own. That clearly no one cared enough not to vote for him for not releasing his returns…fine…but thats not truly accurate is it?

Why? Because Trump himself has stated that he will release his returns but the only thing preventing him is this “audit” which we all know is BS and another lie.

This is why he can and should be held accountable, when you let people misrepresent themselves and you give them the benefit of the doubt next thing your doing is what Trumpers are doing generating excuses for the lie itself.

“Hey, I’m under audit,” Trump told reporters Friday as he was leaving the White House for a trip to the California-Mexico border. He added that the law on releasing tax returns is “100 percent on my side.”

I wonder if his taxes really are under audit.

That is also information the House requested. To find out if that claim is even true. I think it is not.

Not that it matters…

Under audit for 2.5 years?

Fat donald’s taxes are the most complicated in the history of this nation.

That would be one hell of an audit.

He never said the law prevents him from doing so. False thread title is false.

As former Sen. McCaskill pointed out yesterday… (paraphrased) Trump’s lies are like a bed of nails, if it was just one lie it would pierce the veil, but because there are so many, Trump and his supporters can walk right across them as if they weren’t even there.


Actually, more like 4 years. He’s been peddling the same excuse since 2015.

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That’s the important takeaway for sure.

A tax audit is not part of the US tax laws?

Asked on CNN about the audits, Trump said: "Well, maybe because of the fact that I’m a strong Christian, and I feel strongly about it, maybe there’s a bias.

I actually stopped reading right here. He got the audacity to go the, “It’s because I’m a Christian” route.


I believe Trump was claiming that the law is on his side to prevent House DEMs from forcing the IRS to turn over someone’s tax returns.

My guess is that Trump will fight this and that DEMs will never see his tax returns, despite their best efforts. I further believe that they know as much but are simply using this to further embarrass Trump ahead of his inevitable impeachment hearings next year.

I still think DEMs are delusional if they honestly believe these efforts will win them back the WH next year.

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If they are still arguing with the IRS over his returns, then there is no return to see. It’s simply not finished…LOL!..

The law is on his side. He does not have to release his returns, if he does not want too…

Show me where the claim in the thread title is true.

I believe that trump was lying again, as usual. My guess is that trump will fight this and will lose.

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His return was finished when he signed it and sent it in.

The IRS audits for accuracy, not to make edits. He can show you what he sent in.

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It is important to understand, that Trump alone will decide whether or not the IRS delivers his returns to House DEMs. The DEMs can posture and threat, but in the end there is nothing they can physically do.