Trump failed to submit a report to Congress on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi

What’s fat donald hiding? Mueller has not subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, so he’s not looking at the money laundering angle that Schiff is exploring.

Such a dirty, dirty man.

The Presdient’s CIA knows what happened.

Smoking bone saw and all.

I’m shocked that this administration under the leadership of Trump broke the law. :roll_eyes:

Add it to the list of criminal activity emanating from Trump and most everything he has ever been involved in.

And he has the GOP ticked off at him for it. Which will also likely lead to the first real veto showdown between the President and his own party when they pass legislation removing our support of SA in their war in Yemen.

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You got him now!
Nothing burger!
Not a US citizen, so who cares??
But 500,000 jobs from arms deal!!
Trump is cool.
But Obama bought Saudi oil!
Clinton foundation.
Lock her up!!

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Come on folks - give Trump a break.

Vlad probably hasn’t had time to tell him what to write on the report.


I think this time it’s MBS that seems to hold leverage over Trump. These are simply horrible people seemingly being driven solely by personal greed.


Yeah, that could be as well. From what I understand of the way it works, Jared is MBS’s lifeline to the Oval Office.

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It’ll be interesting if he vetoes withdrawing support for the war in Yemen.

The saddest part is how much we don’t care about the destruction and famine in Yemen.

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Yep. There is dirty Middle East money flowing freely through many avenues of this administration and the corrupt family.

Agreed. Especially considering his decisions to withdraw from Syria and desire to leave Afghanistan. And it is terrible what’s happening there.

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Explain why this matters?