Trump: End due process for illegal immigrants

The Imperial Presidency I heard so much about during the Obama years finally emerges :laughing:.

I’m sure those conservatives that objected to such behaviour will rush forward in condemnation.

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He’s just joking. TDS strikes again!


That only applies to American citizens.

What Bill of Rights?

Wanta bet?

If he wasn’t joking, there are plenty of other defenses that can be used.

Like, he doesn’t understand that what he’s calling for is illegal.

And, so what if it is?

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Lol throwing a tantrum.

Wow, just wait until all the constitution citing conservatives hear of this. The outrage is going to be intense.

Due process for what?


It means we still have to hear asylum pleas from those on American soil and are requesting it. Trump can’t automatically say no to every applicant.

Orange pile of turd is losing the narrative, so he goes full retard. I wonder what his supporters will come up for an excuse.

Illegals are lucky they aren’t shot for trying to cross. That would be an even bigger deterrent than a wall.

Imagine what the lib outrage would be like.

The same tired excuse when all else fails… that he was joking. Except that no one is laughing.

If trump would tweet something like this, his supporters would worship him even more.

“It’s about time someone shows the fortitude it takes to get the job done”

Are you out of your cotton pickin’ mind?


Quiet in here.

I’m gonna bet money on an explanation that he didn’t really mean that, what he meant is that we need to write new laws to address legal standing or some nonsense.

Plenty of conservatives here would like nothing better than end judicial process at the border. The slide into approving despotism has been seamless.

It’s almost as if everything they’ve ever said about the Constitution and our rights was a crock of ■■■■ and that they only care about 1 specific part of it