Trump: Emergency powers to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Unreal. The abuse of his power knows no bounds. Ignoring congress and selling arms anyway. I can’t wait to see the spin from Trump supporters.

I don’t think they even really spin anymore. They just accept everything he does.

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I’m sure the Republicans in Congress will huff, puff and furrow their brows, maybe write a strongly worded twitter message.

Ah, who am I kidding, they will continue with their spineless behavior and kiss Trump’s ass. The Republican party has rendered Congress (or the Senate, at least) a useless government body, loyally doing the bidding of King Trump.

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You got him now! Hurrrrrr

Seems like that by the lack of discussion. Or it’s a Friday night and people have better things to do. :sunglasses:

people are to busy talking about a gay marriage on a children show.


Maybe this is his big bad plan for eliminating the debt in 8 years?

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The differences between Trump and Vincent McMahon are basically none-existent.

I mean how else is the Super Showdown supposed to happen without Saudi Arabia killing a bunch of Yemenis?

And now you see why the trumps have turned the other cheek with the murder of a journalist etc.

turning the other cheek? no this is trump rewarding Saudi Arabia for killing a WaPo journalist

Thays true

Remember, we have to liberate Venezuela and Iran because of how terrible their governments are.

Hey DJT how many kids did you kill today?

How many 9/11s is that?

This is going to make me sound like a right wing conspiracy theory nut job, but I bet some day the amount of stuff we’ll find out about Trump and Co will be enough to fill a library.

You know ever since Obama started this godforsaken war, I haven’t read one justification for it on here.

We all just go on pretending it’s not happening.

Would this be an alright marriage episode for Arthur to show in Alabama?:

No comment.

I mean the Saudis are our friends so whatever I guess:

I am right there with you