Trump. El Paso does not want you there!

But yet you feel entitled because your a twit and a git so you are flying in to save the day. You stiffed them for $600K last time and they want the tax payers to pay your bill before you show up again. Get outta here Troll!


You might want to change your thread title. It should read “Trump hating DEMs want to be able to tell Trump what he can and can’t do”.


Fat donald owes El Paso money? This is a joke, right?

In El Paso? They got Dems there? I think they just want him to pay his tab.

I hope he gets a ear-full about his language and the GOP blocking of background check bills.
Last year after the Parkland shooting Trump hosted a meeting at the WH where he said:
“It’s not going to be talk like it has been in the past. It’s been going on too long; too many instances. And we’re going to get it done”.
One of the father’s who was there lost his son at Sandy Hook. He said that Trump promised to get back to him on what he was going to do. He never has heard back from him.

Republican Mayor Dee Margo is a Trump hating DEM?

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The mayor isn’t telling Trump to stay away.

Glad the mayor of El Paso is a better person than so many of the Trumpophobes out there.

His visit to Pittsburgh was welcome and appreciated following that tragedy.

The police made sure the President knew they were with him.


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Oh poor little libs…trying to tell Trump what he can or cannot do.

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Nope unfortunately

No he’s telling trump to pay up his deliquent bills

I wonder if there is a difference between saying he shouldn’t go and saying he can’t go.

They want him, just look at the stadiums he fills and the sick Democrats don’t. :joy:

Good for you trump.

Go there.

Own El Paso.

Maybe do a fundraiser like warren and kamala.


You tellin’ trump what to do, lib? :angry:

Maybe they can clamp Trump’s aeroplane until the bill is paid?

Yes, it is shameless the way Democrats have tried to use this tragedy politically.

Stay away from El Paso. This is our spiel.

No…he is President of all the people. May I remind that the state of Texas went handily for Trump…though this should have nothing to do with politics.


Trump not paying a bill. That’s totally unusual.

A hundred plus thousand in late fees huh? Stiffed them for the rally? That’s nice.