Trump education secretary held in contempt

Federal judges are usually pretty reluctant to hold a cabinet official in contempt but incompetent Betsy just got a contempt citation and a $100,000 fine… Only the best…

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Very often when a political/judicial ruling like this occurs the article will mention the appointing President. Since Politico didn’t think it relevant here, I will just mention Kim is an Obama appointee. No comment.

DeVos has been held in contempt by most people since she was appointed to the post.


It’ll probably be reversed by an appeal court. These things happen all the time.

The fine will be paid by the government. Betsy has no reason to be concerned about her job or her wallet. Tax payers can cover this measly fine.

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No comment needed. :roll_eyes:

So is violating a court order to stop collection on loans made in good faith but the college was a scam is a good thing or a bad thing for the American people?

Cool, how it is relevant in this case? Did Ol Betsy comply with court orders or not?

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One word, bureaucracy. Just because a judge orders it doesn’t mean it can be done in the time frame he set out.

The excuses and defense is pathetic and best.


No, we got a $100,000 fine.

She will not be personally responsible for paying the $100,000 in monetary sanctions, which will be paid by the government.


The buck always stops over there somewhere when it comes to the Trump administration


So Devos is innocent and just a victim of a judge playing politics?

By your logic can we trust any judge that is appointed by Trump to keep politics out of their decisions?

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So you automatically assume that the judge whose career depends on being unbiased is as partisan as you?


It does seem a peculiarly perverse form of a justice system.

Amazing. I just added a fact which I usually see included in these sort of judicial/political rulings…the person who appointed the judge. I made no further comments.
This was followed by as series of “So you…” misrepresentations of what I said or meant.
The mind is an amazing thing.
And weird.

So you had no point… got it.

Just facts. They should all be there so you can make your own conclusions. That’s the only way you will learn how to think for yourself.

No, you made a comment which prompted further comments which included clarification on what your opinion is on the matter.

If someone believes that I am required to respond to their interrogatories, then that is weird too.

What conclusion do you draw from the fact that the judge who found De Vos in contempt was an Obama appointee?

And what is your opinion of the job De Vos has been doing to date?

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