Trump donates other people's money

Trump takes a presidential salary. (Though he said he wouldn’t.)

Which is paid for by our tax dollars.

He then donates what he makes to charities of his choice. So he is taking a salary.

Latest one for the coronavirus.

Sure donating money to charity is a good thing. But Trump is, as usual, not spending his money. And never has been. He’s spending our money, which he said he wouldn’t take. (Nor were Kennedy and Hoover, who did the same thing.)

If he truly wanted to help the American people, he wouldn’t take a salary at all, because he’s rich enough not to need it. Let the American people decide where they want that $400,000 a year to go.

What Trump does receive for his “charitable generosity” is a tax write-off for giving to charity. So he takes our money, spends it and gets to write it off on his taxes.

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Good grief.

You would all would have nominated Obama for sainthood if he had done this.

Got to have something to complain about I guess.

The reflection is not good, just sayin’.

Of all the things to bitch about relevant to Trump this really takes the cake.

The taxpayers decided to give him a salary when they elected him.

He continues to donate where he thinks it will do the most good.

Maybe…but compare this to what he has done with golfing and staying at his resort charging the government fees…

Guess which one is bigger.

The money from the resorts and golf clubs isn’t going into Trump’s pocket.

You do realize that don’t you?

Oh its not…that’s funny.

So no, you don’t realize it. That is funny.

Amusing you think it doesnt

What is wrong with you?

It is his money.

He is donating it as he sees fit.

Another campaign promise kept.

You can also thank him for the quick travel and quarantine restrictions that have spared the US much sickness.

Actually that would be quite a singularly foolish thing to do because one needs to be dead before one can become a saint.

I know it doesn’t but then I understand how a business operates. Trump isn’t even drawing a salary other than his Presidential Salary which he donates.

The government legally has to pay him the salary. By giving it away without touching it, he’s not keeping it and technically not taking it.


Would he be required to include it as salary on his income tax return?

I expect so.

I believe Paul is correct, he is legally required to take his salary.

That means he is legally required to receive a W-2 (statement of income and tax liability) and include it on his federal and state tax returns since that information would have been electronically transmitted to the IRS by his employer.

Now, that also means he can list those donations and take a reduction in Gross Income equal to the amount of donation (there is an upper limit and I think it’s around 60% of Gross Income). And yes donations to government entities are tax deductible.

He was told by law (passed by previous congress, and signed by previous president), he MUST be paid. No if’s and’s or but’s. So they take out taxes, then he donates the rest.

Thanks @Paul_Thomson and @WorldWatcher for the info.

I have no problem and applaud Trump here but let’s clarify.

He isn’t saving the taxpayers anything, he is actually costing them more by donating his salary.

Had he wanted to be close to not accepting his salary he would donate it back to the govt. How often do we hear conservatives say rich people advocating higher taxes can voluntarily pay more. Trump could do the same here.

The President shall, at stated times, receive for his services, a compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected,

According to the constitution the President SHALL receive compensation, and it SHALL neither be increased nor deiminshed while in office.

Under the US constitution he SHALL receive his sallary. Not might, not if I fell like it, not he’s too rich to be paid.

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Was Trump paid his salary before…or after he performed as President? If the answer is after, then I must seriously ask, are you really this far gone? Are you? Someone earns their salary but…because it’s Trump…you light your hair on fire, run around, start this thread…and yell at the sky. My gosh son…grow up…please? You’re better than this!