Trump doing better than Reagan and Obama

At least according to the polls (or at least one of them anyway)

President Trump – 45%
President Obama – 44%
President Reagan – 44%

How accurage is rasmussen poll:

Same time frame at least for The Don:

Rassmussen 47 (at least on 338)
ipsos 41
fox news 45
survey monkey 46
you gov 42
quinipac 40
nbc news 44

Then if you click on the graph at the top of likely voters you get 43% approval

gateway…neat…moving on

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The 538 article shows he is definitely not doing better.

They wont believe it. They believe that their hate is so strong it is impossible that half the country thinks they are cry babies.

So nothing on the numbers I posted huh?

Shows the 45% is within reason, especially if NBC has him that high.

his numbers are going up because of the economy…thats really it. Thats saving him. IF that flops he drops back down to the low 30s easy

So still no debunking of Trumps number with all the negative stories from the leftwing media (90% negative) and he’s at or above were obamma was at this point.

Which explains why libs are going crazier with each passing day.


that wasnt the point of my post?

But hey cool for you

Yes it’s fortunate Obama didn’t have to contend with 24x7 negative hateful fear mongering from any media outlets.

Also a gateway pundit link from a mod is a sad sight to behold.


I just had to look at this thread for a laugh

OP is desperate

What poll do you libs like?


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How dare FOX oppose your great Messiah.

And that’s why I posted a second link to show The Don’s numbers are realistic.

most of them think it’s their duty to make everyone hate him. I hope they don’t quit their day job. They arn’t doing so well breeding hate.

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Showing despite many a liberal losing their mind. Despite 90% negative coverage from the leftwing media . . . The Don’t numbers are not out of line with the previous D president nor with 'ol Ronnies that were astronomical by the end of 8 years.

You mean like the second one I posted that showed it’s possible with the aggrigate numbers from multipul polls?