Trump docs probe: Court lifts hold on Mar-a-Lago records

The Justice Department may now resume using classified records seized from Mar-a-Lago in its investigation.

Two of the Judges reversing the trial Judge were themselves Trump nominees, while the third was an Obama nominee.

All three Judges found Trump’s claims regarding the documents to be totally without merit.

I wonder if he’ll appeal. Only SCOTUS fr9m here.

Don’t think the Supreme Court will help him out and will likely decline to intervene.

I agree. But I’m nevertheless curious whether ot not he’ll try.

The special master has already called Trumps bluff so even if this is appealed it still shouldnt matter. They have asked Trump to clarify if he has evidence that the documents in question are classified. His legal team has declined to answer and the SM has said if there is no definitive answer the documents in question will remain classified. Either way this is a dead end for Trump.

In the words of the special master judge Dearie in his conversation with Trumps lawyers…

“If the government gives me prima facia evidence that these are classified documents, and you, for whatever reason, decide not to advance any claim of declassification, I’m left with a prima facia case of classified documents, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s the end of it,”

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only what, 6 weeks left to indict.

better hurry

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16 weeks

On the other hand…the judges might not have realized this.


Donald Trump claimed the president of the United States can declassify government documents simply by declaring them as such, or “even by thinking about it.”

it’s glorious that he can’t keep his mouth shut. He is his own worst enemy.


What is the time limit?

The RNC already told him that they would not pay for the MAL government documents legal bills. I heard that he is paying $3M for his current Lawyer. So how much more would he have to shell out to take this to the SCOTUS?

I bet that would really piss him off.

Link to the Opinion of the Court.

Yep. Tick tock. Don’t lose that false sense of urgency.

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if the urgency can’t be synthesized enough maybe get a hating racist piece of trash AG to file a ■■■■■■■■ lawsuit. they’d buy that too

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never let up on the pressure. persecute him to dust

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I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when FPOTUS was informed of the ruling on the state request.



Don’t hold back like that…you might hurt something…:sunglasses:

Pile it on!!

These phonies are so transparent and weak.

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just describing reality. glad you’re taking note maybe you’ll learn something

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