Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


Failure to get more than one source; failure to confirm stories before reporting them; failure to own up to mistakes in both a timely and prominent way; a great over-reliance on unnamed sources that cannot be checked; advocating instead of reporting; crusading instead of reporting; cozying up to and befriending subjects of a story…

The modern press is guilty of all these sins and more. It’s never been anywhere near as bad as it is today.



How many reporters has Trump threatened to put in jail and have prosecuted? How many has Obama?

This was openly lauded and applauded on the forum at the time.


Like James Rosen?


Didn’t Obama say you need to get out and punish your enemies?


Obama did say you need to get out and punish your enemies…


Its essentially the same as the old lugenpresse line. It is not hard to connect the dots.


I do not want the president to be the one determining that. If you are the POTUS it is not just an opinion in a power vacuum. I do not want the president to call the free press the enemy of the people to sick his sycophants on. Its really telling to see trumpists defend the old fox news lie.


Surely you can provide some of the alleged countless examples for us to understand what is informing your perspective here. Right?


Lol that is too funny. The prez exempts fox news even though studies show fox news misinforms people the most out of the mainstream press.


I[quote=“Mountain_Soldier, post:157, topic:148544, full:true”]
How many reporters has Trump threatened to put in jail and have prosecuted? How many has Obama?

This was openly lauded and applauded on the forum at the time.

Ha, ha.

You linked to notorious left wing rag huffpo making the argument against Obama.


Exactly. Liberals on here were cheering it and even leftist mags were against it.


Huh. Proving leftists aren’t sheep, I guess.

Anywhooo, enough of the whataboutism.

New York Times. Enemy of the People. What say you? And what’s the appropriate treatment for enemies of the people?


That doesn’t look like an Obama fairy tale!


The President is not determining that. His opinion is just that - his opinion, which he is certainly entitled to, given that no one could better know if he is being lied about.

And AGAIN, he is not calling the free press the enemy of the people. He is calling specific peddlers of fake news the enemy of the people. The President is as much a champion of a free press as anyone and he has never said anything that would lead one to believe he wants to end the free press in this country.

He is THE MOST accessable president in living memory, so he clearly believes in a free press.



Comedy gold.


I know hoiw this game is played.

I will waste my time providing you with several stories and then you will NEVER say, “Hey, you were right and I was wrong”.

You will instead just ghost and pretend you never denied what I claim.

If you want to be informed you will look them up yourself. If you want to stay ignorant, that’s up to you. I’m not doing your homework for you.



What’s funny?

Has he said “All the free press is the enemy of the people”?

OR has he instead made it clear that purveyors of fake news are the enemy of the people?

Is he not speaking to the press on an almost daily basis - either formally, like when in the WH with another visiting dignitary, or informally, like on his way to the car or the helicopter?

This guy speaks to the free press more than any president you can name.

You must have a strange sense of what is humorous.



Demonstrably not true. Not even among the select portion of the population that constitutes US Presidents.

Another wild claim made with zero backup. I guess because someone saw him answer some questions on the way to the helicopter or when he was meeting some dignitary, but every President did the exact same thing.

Tell me. What is the appropriate treatment for enemies of the people? What are Trumpists going to do about this? You have enemies of the people running around in this country. When will the actions of Trump and Trumpists start mirroring their language?


If you can demonstrate where the President has attacked the notion of a free press and championed a government-run press or a government-censored press please do so.

You confuse CRITICISM of the way the press conducts itself with a call for the free press to be ended. Anyone who thinks a free press is above criticism is a ripe candidate for being lied to by that same press and propagandized on a regular basis.

The only way a free press works is if the audience for them is constantly on them for their errors and lies and harping on them to be better. Or, would you rather have a government entity control them to be better?

As to access, show me any reporter who claims that Trump doesn’t ever answer their questions or hides from them. Hell, he even gives Jim Acosta questions whenever their is a formal press conference, so CLEARLY he is accessable to even his worst critics in the press.



So you cannot provide the countless examples of the NYT’s writing fake news stories. I didn’t think so, and figured it would be some sort of cop-out excuse like this. Blame other people for not knowing what you magically seem to know but are unwilling to share. :rofl: