Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


I don’t think trump wants harm to come to journalists, but it plays too well to stop and if someone does get hurt Trump can denounce violence and go back to screaming about the vicious, vile, evil, enemies of the American people. Look at them back there! Horrible people, but not all, just most.


I don’t know if it’s a mistake but I believe about 35% of the population automatically backs him. Then they wait and see if the facts bear them out. By then there’s a new fake news story to back. You may not be one of the 35%.


Where did you get that stat?

From a purveyor of fake news?

The President has so often been proven to be right about fake news that it is perfectly reasonable for anyone to allow that he knows what he’s talking about. It’s ridiculous to say he is automatically wrong, as he has so often been right.



Where did he ever decry someone in the press as a “vicious, vile, evil enemy of the American people”?

a little hyperbolic?.



When joking about killing journalists: " I would never kill them, but i do hate them. And some of them are such lying, disgusting people. It’s true." Context was about putin saying nice things about trump despite people bringing up that Putin kills journalists.

Another one about journalists covering trump " absolutely dishonest. Absolute scum. Remember that. Scum. Scum. Totally dishonest people."


We’re talking about present tense, not fairy tales.


Welcome back. We wondered if space creatures had kidnapped you. :slight_smile:

And no, the press has not been wrong. They’ve been up to speed on all the nasty creatures in the Trump Admin. All except one “source”, that is.


You got it right - Joking. The press never allows that he is joking because it is much better for them to act as if he is seriously calling for the end of a free press.

And some of them ARE lying, disgusting people. Jim Acosta quickly comes to mind. I call him scum, so if the President agress with that I have no problem.

But AGAIN, for a President that you all claim is the enemy of the press, he is the MOST accessable president ever. He doesn’t hate the press. He hates the fake news and the purveyors of the fake news.

Me too. They are the enemy of the American people.



You see all the times he was right. I see all the times he was wrong.

I also see someone who is loose with the label and that’s dangerous. It always has been.


From “trump never said these things” to “yeah i agree with him”


Thank you for the welcome. I was simply having way too much fun in the Sports forum to bother with politics.

The only nasty creatures in the Trump administration have been the establishment folks that have had to be slowly weeded out.The press is so frequently wrong that there are whole websites devoted to chronicling their errors and deliberate lies.

Fun reads and great reminders.



Who cares…this is wrong…and kets not waste our time with this


Trump never said they were “vicious, vile and evil”.

Calling them liars is a FACT and when you think that a reporter lying to the public is disgusting, given the importance of a truthful press in a free society, you’re not at all wrong. It’s a treason in a way.



What is wrong?

I fully agree that a lying press is the enemy of the people and they MUST be called out or they just continue to get away with it.



Yeah i got that…coming from you its funny…


Why is it funny?



Well Marky, what’s the solution for treason? Take some responsibility for your bull ■■■■■ man.

The New York Times has been covering Trump for about 800 days since his election. What are the lies - intentional false stories - it’s told?


What journalism standards are lower in your view? If anything, given the conduct of this Admin., they haven’t been higher. God bless 'em.


Journalistic standard: say nice things about Trump. Not hard! Kim Jung Un and Putin do it and they aren’t scum, they’re great guys.


The only solution for a press that renegs on their responsibility to be truthful is to call them out and then find other sources of information. Hopefully, if they are called out enough they will lose patronage and die the professional death they have earned.

Look them up.

I’m not spending my evening doing your homework for you.

There are a number of websites that love to detail the fake news.