Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


Are you really saying that without the internet we could not know that someone is doing us harm???

How did we survive for 200 years witthout the internet?

I’m not telling you we should get rid of the internet while letting everyone else keep it. I’m telling you that if there was no internet we would NOT be in a precarious situation.

I know that because we survived as a nation without it for 200 years. It is NOT necessary for our survival or even our thriving. We clearly proved that.

And AGAIN, for every good it does there is an equal bad it does - maybe even more bad than good.



Why do you always try to twist someone words into something completely different from what they said?


True dat. The 2016 election is a testament to that


I can’t tell if you’re serious or just playing off being obtuse. If the internet were to vanish tomorrow, the majority of the civilized world would descend into absolute chaos within days. It is that ubiquitous. Not even taking into account the worldwide banking system is wholly dependent on the internet.

Take my company, for example. We have an extremely complex supply chain. We purchase raw materials, unassembled kits and finished goods from
Vendors around the world that supply our foreign and domestic manufacturing locations. Because of this, it is imperative that we be in constant contact with not only each of the vendors, but their vendors and all intermediaries in between. Hell, we import over 700,000 containers from around the world every year. It would be impossible for us to be able to maintain the visibility throughout the whole supply chain and be able to react to customer demand in any meaningful way that they expect. It would literally take months for our customers to get their order, instead of the 2 days or less that they wait now. It would be impossible to run our billion dollar company without our current infrastructure.

Funny thing is, we’re just one of the thousands of global companies out there that would cease to exist. Goodbye economy.


It is not an honest call out. Look at what he exempts. You think you will be safe from this? You dont think he will label you as the enemy of the people the moment you are critical of him? He will and he will be all to happy to give the domestic terrorists that hear his message a wink wink, nod nod.


No der trumpengroper is!


So how did companies and banks function say in the 1960’s an 1970’s?

Yet companies did succed and exist BEFORE the internet. Wonder how they managed.

Companies would either adapt or go out of business.


What should happen to an enemy of the people.


If the NYT can criticize the President, he can criticize them back. I love the 1st Amendment.


Apparently they should be rewarded.


Trump doesn’t. He must think the first amendment only applies when it flatters him.


Well Obama said his enemies should be punished. What does that mean?


Obese Donald is a blithering idiot!

He will no doubt double and triple down on the idiocy in his attempt to win a second term!

I pray, most avidly, every day that the sane and rational folks come out in droves for the 2020 election in hopes of sending that imbecile man-child packing back off to his golden tower in New York!


Apparently it means you promote them to the highest office in the country.


I’m not telling you that if the internet disappeared tomorrow there wouldn’t be chaos. Of course there would be.

I’m telling you that if we had no internet to begin with the world would be fine and I’m not at all sure it wouldn’t be better in many ways.



No, I don’t think he would label me the enemy of the people, just because I was critical of him.

He attached the label the enemy of the people to those whom he knows have spread lies and misrepresentations - not criticisms.

You don’t seem to get the difference.



To be honest I read your first sentence and quit reading.

It’s too hard trying to have this conversation and I’m not going to start my day here, trying to clear up your confusion. Maybe later.


Can Mr. Trump or anyone PROVE that NYT is the enemy of the people?


Thats not an “article”.

That’s an opinion piece. Why is it so hard for you guys to tell the difference?


Criticize him to his face. I dare you. I guarantee he will.