Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


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Experience says that you’ll need to keep this up beyond the incumbents term.


I never said that Fox News thinks the NYT is fake news.

I’m sure that they don’t want to call any news source “fake news” except on a commentary show, like Sean’s show.



AGAIN you seem to think that Trump is the only one who recognizes fake news. Why do you think that the news business enjoys a reputation somewhere south of used cars salesmen with the public?

He’s just the most important person to call them out - not the only one.



I didn’t say you did, I said Fox talking heads did.



You think that everyone at Fox News thinks alike and speaks alike?

You’re thinking of CNN.

Some on Fox may like the NYT. Others may not. There is no policy at Fox that requires everyone sound alike and think alike. They clearly don’t, as anyone would know if they watched Fox for the whole day.



Why do you think their reputation is rising now then?


No he’s much much the only one who is labeling specific parts of the media as the true enemy of the people


There is at Sinclair Broadcast Group. Are they fake news?


I see we’re completely turned around from the goal posts.

While they may not have a policy to sound alike, from someone who does watch Fox all day, it’s just lucky coincidence that they do sound alike. Repetition makes it easier for their audience to remember and repeat.

The same stories covered by Hemmer in the morning will be the same stories covered the rest of the day with few opinions about Trump or ‘socialists’ changing or differing from hour to hour.


You have just outed yourself, because Shepard Smith is decidedly anti-Trump and he is their number one news anchor.

The same stories may be covered but NOT with the same slant.



Shepard Smith is pro truth. That it gets interpreted as “anti-trump” is all people need to know.


That’s what Trumpthink does.

Shep reports the news. He doesn’t sound like the lackey talking heads on other shows so he’s ‘anti-trump’.

You’ve outed yourself. Although it wasn’t a secret except to you.


Thanks for helping me show that Fox news people are not monolithic. I appreciate that.



You said that everyone at Fox was the same all day long. Clearly you are wrong.



You got me. You win.

One guy is different than the rest. Great case for fair and balanced. I might rack my brain and even think of another if it meant anything.


The only credit Fox gets is being greedy enough to have a “serious” news show that your opinion block screams the opposite is true hours later.



I was just looking up stories on Jussie Smollett and came across this prime example of fake news by the NYT.

Notice how they didn’t say “alleged attack” or “…claimed he was attacked…”

No, by God, he was attacked and we damn well know it.

And stories like this serve to divide Americans unecessarily - the enemies of the people.



That’s not what fake news is.


Kinda like calling an investigation a witch hunt before it’s comlete.