Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


Fox does the same thing but clickbait doesnt make you the enemy of the American people.


See trump isnt calling fake news the enemy of the people he is calling specific news organizations that.


I didnt call you der trumpengroper. I only refer to trump by that name.


The difference is that when a news outfit makes a mistake they have simply made a mistake that they can correct. I have far less problem with admitted mistakes that are corrected than with mistakes that are never corrected or retracted. And when the volume becomes huge it is an obvious attempt to use the news to attack and to advocate and to direct, rather than to report

And that is fake news.



And that ladies and gentlemen, is what they call fake news. I think we all agree now. You’re welcome.



You said you were not a Trumpengroper, implying that Trump supporters are and I am clearly supporting him.



Again that is fine if your talkinf about fake news in general and not attacking specific news organizations and labeling them the enemy. That is dictatorship level talk


I said i am not the president using der trumpengroper as a nickname for him.


Then why do you have a problem with the NYT? Every single one of the examples you provided of them getting something wrong was also accompanied by a correction they made.


I know exactly who kept using gobama the idiot every time they adressed him. Turnabout is very fair play


Yes, but they are specific news organizations that continually get the news wrong or advocate, rather than report - either by design or by incompetence or both.

CNN is CLEARLY anti-Trump in its outlook and that has resulted in a large number of wrong stories in their attempt to attack him or people who support him. They are a great example of an organization that in its zeal has become a fake news organization. I wouldn’t watch them to get the weather, at this point. That’s how little I trust their veracity.



I try to keep my most vicious comments about the post and not the poster. Apparently it’s not always clear (or there is some thin skin around here) cuz I’ve had posts deleted that in my mind, were clearly about the post.


You describe faux news quite well.


But you trust state-run Russian media outlets enough to link to them? :rofl:


The problem I have with ‘turnabout is fair play’ is I end up looking like the idiots I laughed at all those years. I try to avoid that whenever possible.


Yeah you got a point. It does kinda ease the anxiety i have about these times.


But you have to get specific with your criticism in order to call out the specific purveyors of fake news, else they will say, “Well, that’s not us.We are GREAT!”

If people find them credible they will keep their audience. If not they will lose their audience, more and more.

Criticism is ESSENTIAL if we are to have the best press in a free society, as there is no government control over the press and criticism is the only check on the press.

And the press needs checks like eveyone else.



It isnt criticism. Der trumpengroper exempts fox news and specifically labels any news organization that is critical of him as the enemy of the people while spreading lies 24/7. You dont have to slavishly defend this real estate conman. I can keep this up as long as i need to until this point hits home.


All this might be more convincing if I didn’t hear talking heads on Fox say things like, “Even the NYTs says…”

In what logical world does anyone claim “fake news” on the one hand, and source them as proof on the other?


Yelling fake news about everything is not criticism.