Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


You dont need to be but its cute to see the squirming. Considering he goes after even the onion, he will come after you eventually. He has absolutely no respect for any of our freedoms or even the concept of innocent until proven guilty.


You saying I’m spreading fake news doesn’t make it so.

You do realize that, right? Or, do you have delusions of gandeur?



Are you still using “make wiki” to edit? I noticed the edit option open on your last post


Im not der trumpengroper so im just using the logic in the only way i know might hammer the point across.


There is another way? Oh yeah! Sweet! This is fantastic!


Yeah, click on the pencil icon. It’s been fixed for about a month maybe longer, I had it pointed out to me as well


Thanks. That brightens my day.



“trumpengroper”. Now, that’s very adult. You really make me want to waste more time trying to have a serious conversation.




Would you call fox news the enemy of the American people?


Not that you were interested in such to begin with. That is how much i respect this wannabe tyrant of a president. I will not say his name.


We were talking about whether the dossier has been debunked. Just cause it doesn’t support your strawman isn’t proof that it was debunked.


Trump has labeled specific newspapers and news networks as the enemy of the people.

So i will be blunt is the NYT the enemy of the American people?


Its like people love that he marks opponents to fox news propaganda as enemies to be destroyed.


Hey this proves my point quite nicely. Its quite a difference when some rando on the internet says something and the POTUS


No, CJ

I see Fox News make very few mistakes and they always own up to them with corrections and retractions. I also have never caught them deliberately obfuscating. Their news is excellent and much more balanced than all the others. My experience is they are the LEAST fake news of any network and work hard to be that way.

Their commentary is often leaning right, but they make no secret of that and it rarely stops them from making sure that both sides of an argument are there to comment.

Most of their commentators have opposition views on every show. In fact, they relish the back and fourth, which is far more stimulating, IMHO, than a one-sided commentary you typically get on the other networks, which bores the crap out of me.



You said fake news is the enemy of the American people, fox news has prompted fake news so just like NYT they are the enemy of the American people.

see the mistake Trump made is he directly call out news groups not just “Fake News”


Now you know what it was like to try to discuss issues with Obama’s ‘loyal opposition’.

Here’s a few I captured off the old forum:

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Clearly they are, at times. It most often shows up in the way they frame a story, like the story on Ambassador Haley, where they prominently featured her as a spendthrift and only well in did they tell the actual truth. It’s damning by headline - a well-used fake news meme.

That’s disingenuous and totally dishonest. Fake news at its finest.



Hey, if you want to call a poltical figure names I have no problem.

I AM A POSTER who was called a “Trumpengroper” by another poster.

I don’t need that.



You mean like the Daily Caller article you linked to earlier? Are they enemies of the people?