Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


Considering how much you slavishly defended Bush, im not surprised you would defend this.


Sure you did, it’s linked below where you claim that it was “thoroughly debunked”. And you’ve been shown multiple accusations in the dossier that have been corroborated.

Nothing in the dossier has been debunked


Considering this piece of ****** skid mark of a president was a ******ing birther, he has no room to speak regarding fake news.



He has made it clear from the start that he has a very specific definition of “fake news” He first used it against one person, Jim Acosta, pointing toi him and saying “you’re fake news” …not “you are all fake news.”



He used that line before that incident, even before the campaign. According to the president you are the enemy of the people. Hows it feel marky? Still want to support this real estate grifter?


Sorry but to me “debunked” means “not proven”, as in the teeth have been pulled out of it.

I have maintained from the start that not one allegation it it has been proven - NOT that it doesn’t have facts in it.

They used facts to make it look credible, like FACT: Carter Page has made several trips to Russian and has spoken to several Russians.

Well, YEAH, because that was what his business required, but the ALLEGATION was that he was in Russia to help with some conspiracy that had nothing to do with his business. NOT PROVEN AT ALL.

AGAIN, none of the allegations made in the dossier have ever been proven - NOT A SINGLE ONE. It remains a totally unproven work of some nameless and faceless Russians under the direction of another foreign national, paid to be created by the poltical opponent of its target.





Hows it feel to be placed on the enemy of the people list?


Then you clearly do not understand what the word means.

Debunk :: to expose the sham (see SHAM entry 1 sense 2) or falseness of

Nothing was exposed as false


Weve got an enemy of the people in this very thread! Sound the alarms!



It was actually Hillary Clinton who was the first major figure to use the words “Fake News” and on 8 December 2016, in reference to the Pizza story.

Donald Trump first used it in January of 2017, in a refrence to Acosta.



Now you’re just ducking and dodging. We’re talking about Trump calling the press “the true enemy of the people”, something Hillary never did


My position in every post has been that it is unproven. I have stated it REPEATEDLY.

If you can’t admit that then I’m not wasting anymore time on you.




Cliiiinnnnntoooon! Lol. Dude the use of fake news to discredit the concept of a free press goes before both of them were even born. Hows it feel? Im curious.


Debunked and unproven are NOT the same thing.


Right, he just treated James Rosen that way.


Buh bye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How am I on an enemies list???



You are spreading fake news. The president thinks that makes someone the enemy of the people. Im probably going to get a time out but by jeebus this needs to be done so that people get the seriousness of this situation.


Sorry. Not by a major figure in the news.

Hillary Clinton was the first major figure in the news - that is someone that everyone will quote - that used the term.