Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


Trump hates fake news, loves Alex Jones, It’s only fitting this thread takes the same approach.


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It has been proven that it wasn’t possible with the technology of the day. That much information could not be hacked over the internet in the time allowed, according to the time-stamps for the movement of the information.

However, it COULD easily be downloaded in that time.

but then, that just isn’t a story most of the press wants to tell.


This is more fake news that has been completely and thoroughly debunked.

By your own standard, you’re an enemy of the people.


Sorry, the ALLEGATION in the dossier is that Cohen helped the Russians with Donald Trump to hack the DNC - NOT that Cohen knew Russians.

That Cohen knew Russians from a black tie dinner is a FACT - not an allegstion of wrong-doing.



That was not the allegation that was made, it was that Cohen traveled to Prague which has not been disproven. What we know is that Cohen’s cell phone was in Prague at the point in time referenced, whether Cohen himself was there has yet to be determined.


I’m starting to think that you no idea what is actually in the dossier.

Hint: that isn’t


Sorry, but Binny and the VIPS guys have been battling with these guys all the way through. Binny knows that the NSA could easilty prove or disprove the hacks yet to this day the CIA has no proof that the Russians hacked the DNC and they admit as much in their assessment.

All they have is a “high confidence” based on their analysis of the Russians - just like they had a “high confidence” that Saddam Hussein was building WMD based on their analysis of him.

And the DNC never turned their server over to the FBI for a proper invstigation of it. Why not?



"The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. " -Department of Homeland Security



The allegation was that Cohen helped with the hacks by showing the Russians how to make “deniable cash payments” to the hackers.

There is absolutely no proof that he was ever in the Czech Republic to do this and NO PROOF whatsoever that he showed the Russians how to make such cash payments.

It REMAINS a totally UNPROVEN allegation that anyone could have made up about anyone else, for their own purposes.



Thanks for proving what I said!!



Unproven and disproven are not even remotely the same thing


I’m sorry. That should have been “Cohen”.



It’s not up to the charged to disprove an allegation.

You know that, right?



They’re talking about the likes of Stone and Manafort


I also know that it is dishonest to say something has been disproven when it clearly hasn’t


Go read the intelliugence community assessment of the DNC hacks. It uses the same language, which is NOT PROOF and again, they used the same language to declare that Saddam Hussein was building WMD.

AGAIN, even in their assessment of the DNC hacks they ADMIT they have no actual proof.



Do they anywhere in their assessment say that it could possibly be an inside job? Or are the people spreading that bit of fake news considered enemies of the people for not retracting their false reporting?


No he isnt. He was only specific recently. Where are you getting this crap?


Good to know who the real tyrants are. Well done.


I never said it was disproven.

I said nothing in the dossier has been proven. All the allegations in it remain unproven.

AGAIN, it is not up to the charged to disprove an allegation.

I could make any assertion against anyone and then say, “Untill you disprove this we must all assume it is true!”

No. The dossier was a piece of political fiction written by nameless and faceless Russians under the direction of another foreign national for the purpose of providing the Clinton campaign with a document to smear her poltical opponent. Luckily, the press wasn’t gullible enough to buy it in time to help her.

We KNOW fully the provenance of it and no one disputes that. IT WAS a bought and paid for piece of political hit job with ZERO proof in it - just allegations from start to finish.

And the really FUNNY part is that it was produced by Russians to try to sway an American election - EXACTLY the charge against Trump!



Who is mark simone and why should i care?