Trump denies Minnesota Gov's request for $$ to repair riot damage

Upshot: Local govt stood back during riots and didn’t try to control the damage, but now wants someone else to pay for it. (You and me.)

Trump gives them the proverbial finger.

And that was the correct response on the Administration’s part.

Seattle can save itself a bunch of time and effort by choosing not to ask for $$.


Curiously (or not), a GOOGLE of “trump denies minnesota” shows no link to CNN or NYT, or other such lib media mouthpiece, in at least the first three pages of links.

that’s because the story broke on Fri/Sat, it won’t get any traction (if any) until Mon/Tue.

The Governor and Mayor should pay for it out of their own pockets. They let it happen!

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Hey Minnesota Governor, how do ya like your bed now? :sunglasses:

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Just remember your favorite saying about how turnabout is fair play

This was the city where George Floyd was murdered by 4 cops in broad daylight in front of citizens, without a care or a shred of humanity or remorse.

This is the one area I wouldn’t mind federal money going to help rebuild.

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they are acting very red state like…

the governor should call up trump and kiss his ass for 5 minutes. Then trump would give them a billion dollars…

they should kiss it longer than that

What a strange rationalization.

If the local authorities are going to let it be torn down then they need to understand there is a price pay for their decisions.


nah, 5 minutes is pretty much trumps short term attention span…

Glad I could help.


Tim Pool is qutie right its not Trump’s fault for the Covid no one saw this coming. Let alone for the lack of the reponse lets be fair.

NYC and the mayor who cut the city funding for the police rejected the hope’s one assistance when Trump said he would send the ship to NYC, leftist media mocked Trump for saying he wouldn’t never send but he did. There are many reports stating the state leadership of the state he had send sick patients to nursing homes.

Now The Governor of Minnesota has requested of Trump aid following the rioting and looting and Trump admin refused their request.

I am not surprised that they rejected their request. The Governor of Minnesota allowed the rioting to happen even more failed to order the police to arrest the rioters and now they are asking for aid?

Trump REFUSED Emergency Request To Pay For Leftist Rioters Damage, Democrats Leadership Backfires

I have no problem with this presidential precedent being set.

Florida take notice

Like children, liberal progs need to take responsibility for their behavior.

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already an op on this