Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


Do you have a source for this? I can’t find anything that says people were evacuated OFF the island in chaos. People were evacuated from some parts of the island to other parts of the island by bus. Are you imagining something like the evacuation from Viet Nam? I think if tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans had been evacuated off the island, it would have made the news.

As far as I can tell, residents who left the island BEFORE and AFTER the hurricane did so on commercial airlines. They have procedures for knowing who is on the plane.


The only way to leave the island was by boat or plane, buses don’t swim too well.

All evacuations are chaotic how do you document chaotic exactly?


You have shown no evidence to back up your assertions.


As it should, he is the leader of the country. The buck stops with him. Sounds like you are excusing his behavior


The ocean which completely surrounds PR is all the evidence necessary to ducment the fact the only way off the island was by boat or air.

There are no records of how many fled the island.

As for chaotic, 70,000 people had to be evacuated almost overnight due to a single dam failure.


I had to laugh out loud when I saw the link you posted. You didn’t read it, did you? Those 70,000 were evacuated BY BUS to another part of the island.

Got anything else?


At least 200,000 evacuees from PR went to FL alone, there are no records of exactly how many fled, or where they all fled to.


Laugh if that’s all you have. It simply demonstrates the chaotic nature of evacuations. No records exist of who was transported or where they ended up.


Yes. People left after the storm. That does not prove your assertion that they left under chaotic circumstances and nobody knows who they were. Sheesh.


The commercial airlines don’t know who was on their flights?


I made no such claim, try sticking to the truth for a change.

What I did state and accurately so is such evacuations are chaotic by their very nature, there is no mechanism for reporting, or collating who all left of where they ended up.


They would for all of their normal flights but again, there is no centralized reporting of manifests, nor any records of where people ended up or how long they stayed there.


What does where they ended up have to do with no one knowing who flew out?


How else are you going to know who returned if you don’t know where they ended up?

There is still no record of who all left by air or by sea.

There is no centralized reporting of manifests as has been stated now many times.


This just in…
Millions of people have died around the world since hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

How could Trump not care about this???


What does that have to do with knowing who left the island via commercial airlines? I bet Jet Blue knows who was on their planes?


The repetition is getting rather tedious so try paying attention this time.

Even if the airlines have a record of who flew on them, there is no centralized reporting of same.

There is no centralized reporting of those who left by ship either, whether commercial or private.;


They don’t have to return to know that they weren’t washed into the sea.

There are certainly records of who left by air or by sea.

You repeating yourself regarding “manifests,” doesn’t make it true.

As usual, this has descended into mattress tag territory. You can have the last word.


Provide a link to any centralized database of who was evacuated from Puerto Rico prior to or in the aftermath of the storm.


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