Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


No but you can certainly hop a boat or a plane.


It took better than 5 years to even account for where most of the Katrina Refugees from NO went.


Peru???what the?


Keep reading.


Wiki is open


I bet it’s the same ones that said W. Used a earfquaken machinery that makes earfquakez outta thin air. He took that there earfquaken machinery down to Haiti and cut one on those people’s down there.

I imagine that’s how they talk when they explain it to their friends and kin.


Oh boy…thats some stuff there.


Why you teasin’ him.


Still waiting for your answer.


Your point is nonsense, if desperate people resort to murder to survive or fight over resources, or kill themselves in the aftermath of a hurricane if conditions are that horrid, that is simply terrible.

Are you trying to claim that looting, robbery, murder and other crimes during natural disasters due to infrastructure and public services breakdown are irrelevant?


I thought I was being nice…


Right…during a hurricane…listen to your bad self. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Increases in violent crime are the result of criminal intent, not a result of the storm nor can they be prevented by the president.


Who said anything about “during a hurricane” other than yourself?

Those fleeing the disaster zone following the disaster or prior to it are not leaving during it.


They are a result of desperation…


Horse hockey, most of that crime is due to greed and opportunism just like was demonstrated in thread after thread showing the looting of electronics, computers and goods that had nothing to do with survival at all.

The break down of civil society always empowers the criminal element who is betting they won’t be stopped or caught during that breakdown.


Dija notice? State and local governments taking responsibility for Florence?


■■■■■■■■, you have no proof about intent and that is nonsensical regarding suicide.


What we do know is 3000 people died that would not have if a hurricane had not ravaged the island. Period.


Murder by definition requires criminal intent.