Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


Basically, the left is just trying to play Katrina 2. If it worked for them the first time, they will try it again.


Yes that is true Trump is a businessman and not a politician and that is a good thing after 30 some years of politicians I think we need a change and look what’s happened jobs everywhere and that really the bottom line. You can go anywhere around United States and ge
t a job right now except for California of course, isn’t that the American dream!


How’d Peru get involved in this?


It’s almost Joycean.


He flipped the map.


No it is not healthy at all. Well put.

Unfortunately for them though, they must only believe in one thing. And that is the Master. They cannot reconcile his constant fabrications. So they accept them as truth. They cannot reconcile this truth with reality. So they detach from reality and create a false reality in which they comfortably reside. They feed this alternate universe with daily doses of confirmation bias and conspiracy theory, to explain why the people in the other reality do not see their alternate world as they do.


So much true in what you said. The Democrats will do anything to destroy Trump we must get out and vote we must not lose the only president that actually cares about the United States and not himself if you ever listen to Obama talk all he talks about is himself I ,I , I he is pathetic he is the worst president we ever had!!!


I meant Puerto Rico it typed out her Peru, my bad I’m sorry I can admit my mistakes I’m not a Democrat


No one forced Trump to tweet this.


Q:Why do most Peru fans book 2 seats to every Peruvian game?
A:One to sit in, the other to throw when the fighting starts.

Q:What does Cinderella and the Peruvian soccer team have in common?
A: Both keep running away from the ball.

Q:Why do Peruvians laugh three times when they hear a joke?
A:Once when it is told, once when it is explained to them, and once when they understand it.

Q:Did you hear about the Peruvian who wore two jackets when she painted the house?
A:The instructions on the can said: “Put on two coats.

I kid, I kid. I love Peru. :wink:


by all means…argue why they died…It looks good on you…

Thats what you people dont get. Just more hypocrisy and thats all.


Indeed, fewer jobs in the first 20 months of Trump’s presidency than the 20 previous months. Jobs everywhere!


Ahh a few short years ago super storm Sandy was labeled Obama’s Katrina…


Maybe try sentences. Plural.


Liberals are the frothy ones remember?


Guy you got to remember that was an island. Which actually makes it even easier to determine who died as a result of the storm.


The Big Story, is The Dems blame him for Hurricanes even happening! Its a rare phenomena, I didnt know a president could control mother nature.


Really? It’s a hell of a lot easier to be washed completely off of an island than a continent.

There’s no actual way of knowing how many disappeared into the sea, how many left permanently, or how all of those being claimed as casualties even died.


If Trump shot and killed somebody on 5th Avenue, he’d say it was the bullet and the hole in their chest that killed them, not him, amirite?


No it would be the blood loss and the fault of the guy walking In fro the of the line of fire of course