Trump dehumanize Asylum seeker calling them "Not people, but animals"

how can anyone support this, dehumanizing people is the first step toward genocide.

Dehumanization is when one group treats another group as second-class citizens. Members of a
persecuted group may be compared with animals, parasites, insects or diseases. When a group of
people is thought of as “less than human” it is easier for the group in control to murder them.
At this stage, hate propaganda in print and on hate radios is used to make the victims seem like
villains. In fighting this dehumanization, one must remember that there is no right of “freedom of
speech” to tell people to commit murder. Outlawing hate speech can help save the lives of those
targeted. If a country is on the verge of committing genocide it is no longer a democracy (if it was
before), and the broad freedom of speech protected in a democracy may need to be limited in such a
country. Hate radio stations should be shut down, and hate propaganda banned. Hate crimes and
atrocities should be promptly punished.


Pure cruelty


It’s not technically illegal to call asylum seekers animals, and therefore fine.

Calling asylum seekers animals is cool.

Now that the Trumpist arguments are out of the way, the people who still have souls can talk.


Like that ner do well Einstein

Calling the press “the true enemy of the people” and all asylum seekers “animals”. Sounds like he’s going full blown Stalin. Fat donald is not even hiding it anymore.


This is one reason (among many) that Donald J Trump has to be evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after the 2020 election. Anyone who dehumanizes people like this is undeserving of the title “President.”


Fat donald is a clear and present danger to every citizen of this country.

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And residents and citizen applicants

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I dont defend Trump pretty much ever because most of crap he says and does isnt defensable.

However, i do believe this particular statement looks bad because of the omission of context. I believe the animals he was refering to was the drug dealers and crime commiters who come here illegally. I dont believe the animal part was meant to be an all emcompassing phrase for everyone who comes here illegally.

So i dont mind giving him a pass on this one because i agree the crime comitting illegals are indeed animals. Those who come here illegally or seek assylum and dont commit crimes dont deserve that distinction.

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Yes. This includes my mother, How can I forget her. :+1:

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I disagree, he didn’t mention gang members or criminals in that clip. He did mention the words “people” 4 times “all of them” 3 times.

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I landed in the same place, he just indicated anyone that “they remove” who came illegally are “animals”.

He may of ment “the bad ones”, but once again failed in communicating. And it matters.

As i said he missed mentioning the gang members and drug dealers, but his history of spouting lines on this same subject have almost always included those, so ill assume thats what he meant

I mean he did say origins so he isnt the most eloquent or gramatical speaker.

To me it’s the escalator speech taken to the next level; “some are good people” is now gone. They are just all different levels of bad to him and his ilk.

Then he should have said drug dealers and criminals. This is the type of speech that motivate terrorism

How do evangelicals support this language since everyone is supposed to be God’s children and molded in his image…almost like they aren’t Christians.

If you believe in a Giant Invisible Man In The Sky, you can believe in anything.

Jesus was all about those geographical borders. its right after 2 Corinthian.


believe him !

Donald Trump is dangerous to our country.

Much of the media today, intentionally misreports and distorts information regarding Trump and his supporters to feed their sheople what they want them to hear and repeat. This very thread is the perfect example and what’s being done to those being manipulated is baaaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaaaad.