Trump defends Biden

Wow, Trump is amazing!

Does Roger Stone make the seventh Trump associate to go to prison during his Presidency. And Trump has the highest level of Executive Branch and cabinet turnover ever.

If you think Donald Trump is someone you would expect to have your back in a tough spot… you are welcome to him.

None of this has anything to do with the thread title.
This is further proof that the flaming and trolling talent of the board libs has sunk to almost zero. The masters have moved on to better things, leaving behind the sad wannabes.

What the thread title points to is the confusion among Trump supports who view insulting someone as defending that person.

Instead of following the discussion, you responded with a personal attack… as I tried to point out, its all a matter of whom would you trust to have your back.

Biden has plenty of support in the face of the questions on Hunter Biden’s obvious COI in the Ukraine.

I am not so sure THAT will be enough for him over time and increased scrutiny

To be fair that vile NK dictator has said much the same about Trump in the past too. He likes to run his mouth.

Remember this one…

TOKYO — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned President Trump that he will make the U.S. leader “pay dearly” for his threat to totally destroy North Korea, in an unusual direct and angry statement published Friday.

Calling Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard” and his speech to the U.N. General Assembly “unprecedented rude nonsense,” Kim said that he was now thinking hard about how to respond.

“I will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the U.S. pay dearly for his speech,” Kim said in a statement released by the official Korean Central News Agency, which also published a photo of the North Korean leader sitting at his desk holding a piece of paper.

So which is more slammed…the Dotard or the Rabid Dog?


None of the Democrats came to the president’s defense in the wake of Kim’s insults.
That makes Trump’s defense of Biden that much more magnanimous and admirable.

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I can throw in a harbourside coat hanger and opera house combination.

Quoted for the extreme irony of it.

Not a bit funny or clever, no matter how many times you try it.
Further proof of what I said before. The libs need more talent on the board.

That was way nicer than the Kid Sniffer deserved.

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I’m not sure what you expect.

Three of your last four topics were as follows:

Yet another Hillary thread.
Fat-shaming Meghan McCain
Donald Trump giving Joe Biden an extremely back-handed…“compliment”?

What did you envision serious conversation on these topics to look like?

Still, Trump adds he is “the only one” who can get Kim “where you have to be,” and is urging Kim to “act quickly, get the deal done.” He’s also hinting at another meeting, writing, “See you soon!”

If NK barks at the Democratic candidates too much, it reminds Americans how weird Trump’s relationship with Kim is.

“Kim, honey, you’re making me look weak.”

Hillary Clinton was your party’s choice for president just 3 short years ago. Surely, she is newsworthy.
Meghan McCain is fat. She should be ashamed of it.
My source for this OP is the AP- a reliable news organization. They consider Trump as having defended Biden. That is their headline.

That’s just Un defending Trump the way Trump defended Biden.

What does that mean?

None of this is an answer to the question I asked

Bet you won’t mock Trump for being an enormous fat ass.

“With friends like Trump who needs enemies?”

Trump is fat, but I’ve never heard him complain about being called fat.
Meghan McCain has made a career of it.

So you won’t even though if he shaved his head he’s so fat he’d look like the Kingpin.

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