Trump defends Biden

President Trump has valiantly defended Joe Biden against attacks by North Korea calling Biden a “rabid dog” who “must be beaten to death with a stick.”

Trump says in a tweeted message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that Biden “may be Sleepy and Very Slow,” but says, “he is not a ‘rabid dog’” and “is actually somewhat better than that.”

I’m sure the liberals will find something to criticize about this, but I applaud Trump for defending someone less fortunate than him.

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What do you mean by this?

If you think that was a defense I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

:rofl: Good one!

Maybe if they both bash Biden North Korea will get rid of their nukes? It’s a bonding experience.

Joe Biden- somewhat better than a rabid dog.

Was there ever higher praise?

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It’s like telling someone “You’re stupid and repulsive, but at least you’re not a serial killer!”

Nothing contemptible in this at all. Nosirree.

Let me try -

“Donald may be a corrupt adulterous liar and an entitled, vainglorious buffoon, but he’s better than a rabid dog.”

Pretty valiant defense of the man, wouldn’t you say? :grin:


Trump is an idiot making slam books on twitter with murderous dictators while his fans laugh. ■■■■ him.

Rabid dogs get sick because someone who doesn’t care about dogs (such as Trump) failed to vaccinate them. He is by all metrics far worse than a rabid dog.

Unclear on the “better than a rabid dog” part, I’d say. It’s still unclear what caused his unplanned trip to Walter Reed.

I doubt rabies has been ruled out, at least as far as what is in the public domain so far. As well, his doctors as far as I have seen, have never disputed that he might be canine.

Who are you saying failed to vaccinate Biden? Trump? Obama?

Is Joe Biden human scum?

When the Ukrainian investigation inevitably runs aground as it certainly will because suggesting Hunter Biden COI be looked at is a valid Presidential act.

The next phase (and this will stretch into the Trump second term) will be to investigate if trump put Kim Jong up to the “Biden is a Rabid Dog” remark in exchange for something.

Quid Pro Un Act III…the search for the perfect presidential ejection seat.

We can’t beat him at the ballot box…We will beat his ear to submission instead.


No, it’s more like saying that Biden is somewhat better than a rabid dog.

Maybe a dog with a UTI and a bad attitude?


Well there is always “Your mother was not a hooker - she gave it away for free.”

[DISCLAIMER: “Your” used here colloquially and not referencing Jay Jay.]

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I like the lib retort that said it’s Trump’s fault that Biden is a rabid dog because Trump didn’t vaccinate him.
The libs are scraping the bottom of the troll barrel.

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Quoted for the extreme irony of it.

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