Trump contradicts his own budget proposal, tells rally crowd he'll give more money for Great Lakes restoration

“I support the Great Lakes. Always have. They’re beautiful. They’re big. Very deep. Record deepness,” Trump said during his rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Thursday night.”

Then he goes on to say he’s gonna get his friends the full funding of 300 million dollars.

Well, his budget proposal cuts that by a hair. Just a little bit. Not too much. Only 90%.

He knows he can lie to them and they will clap like seals.

He’s in Michigan, obviously, so he’s trolling the types of people who fall for his garbage.

No skin off my nose. I don’t believe him and I know what he really wants to do.


Slurp it up…


The whole country is being held hostage by the minority of idiots who are too dumb or too blind to see how incompetent this jackass is.


I will personally be far less negatively affected by Trump’s idiocy than the very core that loves him so much.

Beautifully ironic.

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I’m for the things you want me to be for no matter what my administration does.

I’m in the same boat.

It’s tough for me to watch whole groups of people suffer though. Except for those who got conned of course.

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Trump is cool??

A linguistics grad student could develop a dissertation around Donald’s bizarrely juvenile and repetitive syntax.

Perhaps as well a med student studying the effects of dementia on language skills.


Trump is a very deep president. RECORD DEEPNESS!!!

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The Great Lakes are also very wet. They’re full of water. Most people don’t know that.


MGLGA. Make the Great Lakes Great Again.

Just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sounds like you’re gargling.

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The great lakes are one of our national treasures that as fresh water diminishes from the planet, the treasure side will one day be realized…if…we haven’t destroyed them. The asian carp is a serious threat that isn’t given the attention that it should be IMO.

The house should definitely take up my proposal, which is that we change the Presidential seal to a face palm for the duration of his Presidency.

And your favorite politician is slashing the money to it in his budget by 90%.


I can say i lived through a presidency where a person, who talks like a total idiot, was elected by angry people because of two reasons.

He really said “record deepness”?

Did the Red Hat Mob chant “Drain the Great Lakes”?

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The dude is an idiot.

Except for when he’s conning people. He’s really, really good at that. He knows exactly what to say to get people emotional. Just think how dedicated people are to him just on this little message board.


It makes sense. The Great Lakes are the “swamp” he’s been wanting to drain this whole time. It’s not “deep state,” it’s “deep lake.”


Tell Trump that. He cut the budget by 90 percent for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. For the THIRD year in a row.