Trump continues to take credit for a John McCain bill

Trump routinely takes full credit for enacting the Choice program, suggesting he had fulfilled a campaign promise to provide private-sector care for veterans while ignoring the fact that it was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2014.

I heard him talk about this at his Florida rally and I thought it sounded off.
It is one thing to keep expressing disdain for McCain. But for Trump to take credit for his bill is just bad.
I wonder how many other things he is going to falsely take credit for this election cycle.

When you are that level of a narcissistic sociopatsociopathy, everything has to be about you.

Yes… Trump got it through and and expanded choices.

Dems have no solutions. Just rehashed hoax hearings…

He’s going to make the 4th of July a celebration of freedom unlike what the 4th meant before he was president.

Trump also gave up his bus seat to Rosa Parks. Bet you didn’t know that!


If Trump took the credit for expanding the program I would have no problem with that. But he takes credit for the whole damn thing. Which is a lie.

No one here defends Donald as a decent human being.

ahh john mccain. lost in a perpetual fog, and out of touch…


â– â– â– â–  mccain.

I bet you didn’t know, some say that Trump almost saved JFK on that fateful date in Dallas.

See Trump say the rifle poking out the window and was running toward the sniper perch to stop the shot.

Didn’t make it though, you know - bone spurs and all.

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Please explain how Trump made a law happen that was signed in 2014 by Obama.

Trump made the raid to kill OBL happen.

Trump made it possible for the Apollo 11 astronauts to be rescued.

Trump planned the perfect D-Day invasion to save the world in WWII.

â– â– â– â–  Trump.

poor mccain, kinda lost his bearings… and confused, really

Poor trump, lost his marbles… and crazy, really.

yeah maybe, but, he beat Hillary

major ouch territory there id say

2 years ago. Move on.

i’m still celebrating.