Trump considering skipping general election debates in 2020

I don’t think trump is concerned about the commission that runs the debates, but more about how foolish he will look debating anyone not named Hillary.


The Hill huh? So the campaign team.

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Meh…just noise…he will…

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Nice catch.

Trial balloon. But every camp in the administration has their own favorite. Jarvanka is Axios. That data weenie running the campaign is The Hill. Mulvaney and Pompeo, the WSJ or Fox News. White House staffers, Politico.


More than anything, Trump loves the spotlight. He’ll participate.


And complain every step of the way.

Oh and Miller is Breitbart and one assumes r/The_Donald and 4chan.


Trump is nytimes.

Yeah that’s always felt super ironic, that he considers the Times the only really important newspaper.

Looks like the Times was the Hill’s source for the story.

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He is even less coherent and sharp than he was 4 years ago, he won’t have a TelePrompter, and he won’t have an audience or MAGAs. I bet he’d LOVE to skip it.

He is yanking yer chains.

Trump lives for the stage and will easily dispense any D running.


Exactly. He won’t be able to help himself. Especially given the piss poor people running against him. He doesn’t have to do much but show up to demonstrate they have nothing of substance to offer the public, the tweets they will generate for him, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

Agreed. He cannot take being declared a coward that is too afraid of a debate for days/weeks on end. He can get destroyed in the debate and declare it total and complete victory. So he will.

If its biden why wouldnt you? He can drag out he is a creep and nobody will give a ■■■■

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in between the sniffing

Libs fall for it ever time.

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El oh el.

It’s super amusing that you think there’s some kind of secret code to ■■■■ posting no one can crack.