Trump considering commuting Rod Blagojevich’s sentence

Fat donald is trying to set an example, criminal and fraudulent activity while in elected office isn’t really bad and shouldn’t be punished harshly.

No surprise. Trump wants his hair. Fountain of youth and all that.

Am I wrong or wasn’t he on the “Apprentice”?


Drain the swamp

You are wrong. He was on " Celebrity Apprentice.

Con men stick together!

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Trump will make him Secretary of Hair.


Have we been drinking?

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Damn I was just going to post that.

Celebrity Apprentice was magnitudes of dumber than the original. Celebrity Apprentice was where “conservatives” said LETS MAKE THAT DUMMY PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATED!!!

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Maybe rod is finally ready to sing, or compose, about the kenyan ladyboy.

That was the fastest edit I have seen here. Kudos!

The sad thing is that if he ran for office again the folks there would probably vote him into office again. Idiots.

dims love dem some status quo.

It explains 60 years of urban decay across the nation and a 99% return rate at the polls.

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Regardless of whether Obama, Trump or Hillary Clinton had proposed this.

I would strongly oppose a pardon, not warranted.

I do not believe a sentence commutation is warranted either, but if one was granted, it should not take effect until at least the summer of 2020.

If Trump wishes to show good will by pardoning/commuting the sentence of a Democrat, I would suggest commuting Corrine Brown’s sentence to expire on June 6, 2020, instead of her current release date of June 6, 2022. By that time, she would have served half of her sentence. Financially, she is ruined and she is 72 years old. A commutation in this case would be acceptable.

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Democrats are just keeping their plantations alive and well

The good ‘ole days right before he conned half the US population.

Commute the swamp!! Commute the swamp!!

So funny. trump is a crack up!

Presidential pardons along with SC picks are two things I have never railed against. Both are presidential privilege and I have been consistent in that from Clinton to Bush to Obama and now Trump.