Trump: Conservative thinkers Paul Watson and James Woods banned from twitter and facebook

Oh no. Not the 9/11 truther and the birther!

But they truly are now the conservative “thinkers” of the modern era in American politics I guess. Or perhaps “influencer” is the more accurate term, cause there aint much thinking going on there.

I don’t believe conservatives will be well served by trying to make figures like these two (and Jones, Milo, Loomer et al) into some sort of conservative social media martyr, but it’s full speed ahead atm.


I saw that tweet. I’m ok with those two representing today’s conservative thinkers. :rofl:


The modern American conservative movement won’t be able to stop itself from circling the wagons around these loons.

Can’t say they weren’t warned though.


They are conservative thinkers like I’m a mod on hannity forums…


James Woods? Lol.

Take that in for a moment. Conservatives now lamenting mental giants like Paul Watson, James Woods, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulos. That should tell you what there party stands for right now.


Where would some conservatives be without Victimization?

Hasn’t everybody been banned? I mean…according to them, everyone is treated the same by them?

Every law is because someone was an ass, somewhere…at sometime. This is why there will be new laws regarding these platforms? They’re acting like an ass and it will now be the motivation for them to be legislated. Thanks Facebook. Thanks Twitter.


We need another law because we don’t like a company enforcing their behavior rules for a service that’s free. Boo hoo.

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I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sink your ship. :sunglasses:

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You didn’t. I don’t even know you. Weirdo comment.


This is an assault against conservatism, the Constitution, and everything decent in the world. Lib companies offering free services and then moderating what can and can’t be said on their sites, and who can and can’t use it? OUTRAGEOUS!

POTUS is right to send out tweets alerting all Americans of this travesty. In the name of freedom we should boycott any site that refuses to allow people to say whatever they please!


Everyone should be defending their right to speak. If it can be done to them, it can be done to anyone.

AMEN! Just who moderates Facebook, and why do they refuse to allow honest, God-fearing Patriots their 1A right to express themselves? Libs are cheering this but they don’t realize they could be next!

They have a right to speak, yada, yada, yada. They are not owed a platform from a private business.

Not. Technically. Illegal.


Libs cheer when conservatives’ rights are trampled on, and hide behind technicalities like “1A only applies to government oppression of free speech.” Typical lib tactic and it must be stopped!

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They have the right to speak.

I think they know this, but that urge to a victim is so very strong.

Where? Conservative party? Trump is a conservative?