Trump Complained That Puerto Rico Has Gotten Too Much Aid, Senators Say

What? They aren’t grateful their wealthy president went down there and threw paper towels at them?

And so of course the proper way to end corruption is to cut off aid to the poor and needy.

Yep, that will do the trick…

Then why was every Democratic effort to end the legal restrictions on the Island, placed by Republicans, blocked by Republicans in the previous Congress? One thing you can count on among modern day “conservatives” is that they flee at any suggestion of responsibility, all the while muttering, “Its the other guy’s fault.”

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And when the welfare ran out a bunch of the island move to the mainland to keep getting it.

keep digging.

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It’s just history… Leftist history is full of failure, starvation, and death,…

We saw the same pattern after Hurricane Sandy in the northeast. The same red state Senators who are first to insist on aid after every hurricane on the Gulf Coast had numerous objections to providing aid to blue states.

At the core of this position is a sense of entitlement – we can get all the government aid we want – mixed with endless anger that anyone else might wish to be treated the same.

Steve King demonstrated this in his comparison between unworthy Katrina victims and the worthy people of Iowa. But just suggest that Iowa farmers not receive their subsidies. Oh yeah…

Way to tear the country apart, Cratic!


Do you attend a church?

Yeah, Woodie had issue with Don’s dad. But a lot of the Depression era songs, like Banks of Marble, are still very relevant.