Trump Complained That Puerto Rico Has Gotten Too Much Aid, Senators Say

"Many Republicans are eager to move past Trump’s objections to helping Puerto Rico so they can designate supplemental federal funds to address the effects of hurricanes and tornadoes in southeastern states, western wildfires and Midwest flooding.

For the supplemental disaster spending currently under discussion, Georgia’s Republican senators David Perdue and Johnny Isakson proposed a $13.5 billion disaster package with $600 million in nutrition assistance for Puerto Rico. Democrats countered with a $14.2 billion package with more disaster relief for Puerto Rico and other territories."

It sounds to me like Trump thinks the island got way too much aid (after he declared a national disaster) and republicans and democrats are debating this current package and are a massive .7 billion different in their thinking.

And here’s something that’s very interesting to me…

" So far, the commonwealth has identified 7,505 rebuilding sites…

Only 67 projects are proceeding…

In a similar period after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the last U.S. hurricane approaching Maria’s magnitude, more than 9,000 were underway."

Trump is President to his base. Everything beyond that is governed by spite.

It is about the cruelty.


But he is the great uniter

Good… I’m sure they have. It’s a nest of democrats. They ruined the island with debt too…

If making people miserable in Puerto Rico makes lib tears LOL then bring it on.

Attacking brown skinned disaster victims is cool, right Cratic?

Why would Trump give aid to a bunch of people who would never vote for him anyways? I’m sorry, but they got enough. They will just have to figure out how to pull themselves up by their bootstraps like the rest of us.

It is scary how many of Woodie Guthrie’s songs (like Talking Mean Blues) are still relevant.

The Puerto Ricans and the Special Olympians can battle it out in a gladiatorial arena to see who gets funding. Trump can film it all and use the proceeds to build his wall.

Making America Great Again!

Yes, aid should always be blocked or granted based upon the political party affiliation of the residents of the area affected by a natural disaster.

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No, I never mentioned race. You did. It’s more about democrat privilege. News media ignores their failure. And it’s been a while since the disaster. Which means they are milking it. Don’t let the gravy train end…

Yeah, most island nations would be totally rebuilt 18 months after being wiped out by one of the strongest hurricanes in recorded history.

What a pathetic load of vomit.

Perhaps if these Puerto Ricans had been born wealthy, Trump would be moving heaven and Earth to help them.


And don’t forget those with autism. They need to be in that battle too.

It’s 100% about race.

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It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with politics. They don’t deserve assistance because they’re a bunch of evil democrats. If brown people voted republican then they would be more valuable to America.

Trump would have built a bridge to mainland if Puerto Ricans were wealthy.

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That’s an insult to pathetic loads of vomit