Trump comes out against the Equality Act


Don’t ya just love it when ‘‘christians’’ and bigoty come together like peas in a pod.


It’s not.

That shouldn’t happen either.




If i cant fire someone for being gay do we really have freedom

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The government cant endorse or ban religion, it doesnt mean you can fire white people because you think they are the devil born in a lab by a black alien

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Its not but its important because America use to treat minorities like sub human citizen.

Have you ever though that maybe you dont deserve fully unregulated freedom, because society is to stupid not to abuse their freedom at the expense of others.

That is why program like affirmative action exist because american soceity is to atupid to be given a bike without trainning wheela

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If someone fires someone for being gay one seriously has to question if they are morally sound to be in the position to fire people


Does this Equality Act apply to Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms regarding discrimination against what they choose to deem as hate speech or is that…different?


Darn right. When the Dems controlled the house and senate and presidency, this should have been a no-brainer. Not a fan of the Dems either.


Facebook and Twitter support the Equality Act bill.

The act does not deal with hate speech issues, but protecting people in housing, education, and obtaining goods and services.


Why then does this not apply to those platforms? Why would their alleged discrimination not be included?


I am confused by the question. The bill has nothing to do with free speech concerns, but about gender and sexual orientation. It’s kind of like saying, “I am discussing about monkeys, and you bring up elephants.” You want to create a bill about free speech fine, lets talk about it, but that’s not the subject of the discussion.


Next time some Christian is fired from their job for praying during lunch, I expect those who are in line with Trump in opposing this bill will also support the business owner.

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I appreciate the humor here.

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I am sorry, but this is bad logic my friend.

You’re only looking it from one angle. I perfectly agree you have the right to own property and sell property. But freedom is not a one-way street. People also have the liberty to purchase items and obtain services. Denying somebody items based on their religion or innate qualities is wrong, period. Your logic is that business owners have special rights and can control what everybody else does. I argue that both customers AND business owners have rights.


So the LBGT community has it’s own religion? Who knew!


You underlined the wrong part.


We are discussing discrimination or in your example…animals. If the discrimination law applies to monkeys, why would it not apply to elephants? That’s intentional discrimination…period.


True. Point stands.


What a stupid, stupid post. Property ownership is not exclusive to Christians.