Trump comes out against the Equality Act

Today the house passed the Equality Act, which would expand on the 1964 Civil Rights to include gender and sexual orientation.

It’s a toss-up if it passes the senate and gets at least 51 votes.

But here’s the thing: the President will veto the bill, if it goes across his desk.

Per Washington Examiner

The Trump administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights,

That’s it as far as his cited objections.

The irony here is back in 2000, Trump supported expanding the 64 civil rights act to include sexual orientation. But now he’s in bed with the religious right, he now opposes it.

So what is the problem? The act would mean that most businesses (the 64 does carve out exceptions for bars, private clubs, non-profit institutions) cannot fire employees, deny housing, retirement homes, or refuse service to people because of their gender and sexual orientation. That means, you cannot fire a worker because he’s gay or transgender.

The argument I hear is that it will trample religious liberty. As in, it prevents “religious people” from discriminating against LGBTQ people.

I for one, cannot imagine how any human being can argue that you have the right to fire somebody or kick them out of a business, because they are gay, lesbian, or trans. But believe it or not, it’s not protected on the federal level.

I would love to hear what amendments Trump would like to see with the act to make it worthwhile. Trump claims he’s against discrimination, but it certainly looks like he supports allowing it.

Discrimination is good sometimes. We discriminate against murders. We discriminate against rapists. What’s so wrong with discriminating against homosexuals? Currently people find that kind of attitude abhorrent, but that’s only because we allowed laws against homosexuality to lapse. If we reinstitute those laws attitudes will change eventually. Who would be against making America great again by ridding ourselves of the homosexual menace?


I can help with that; they own the business.

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The religous right are attempting to hide behind the 1st…that’s all

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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Huh, what do you know…


And? People have the right to buy goods and services.

And ownership is a thing. No they don’t.

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I support civil rights acts, you don’t. My belief is everybody has the right to go into a public business, open to the public. That’s just me. You’re free to support discrimination in this country.

It’s not a public business. It’s not owned by the state. You have no right to be on my property unless I authorize it and I can revoke it at any time.

You discriminate.


Nice try, you open up your business to the public, you serve everybody. That’s the deal. End of story.

Actually, that’s not the deal nor the end of the story. Why do you think you have rights on somebody else’s property? You don’t even have a right to be there, much less make demands.


Then you are OK with owners firing people on the basis of skin color?

Ok with it? It’s none of my business.

Is that the right question?

I have one for you; why is skin color any different than any other discriminating factor?

You think people should be able to not sell houses to African Americans or Jews?

Only because the state government ensured PA to be part of obtaining a business license which was freely entered into by those businesses.
Congress was not involved.
An awkward way of saying I agree with you.

Yes. It’s my house, I’ll sell it to whomever I choose.

Which is of course bull ■■■■■ Just an excuse for control.

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Or to caucasians or Baptists. Why is it one way with you?

Would help if you understand the 1st amendment.

Oh goodie you are here…go ahead and educate me conan…

Praise be