Trump claims there’s a 10-foot wall around the Obamas’ D.C. home. He is wrong

Notice you used the word he. Obama paid for it. With his own money.

However, Trump still lied once again over a stupid subject.

Nope. The fence is only for the garage.

Do you have a picture of the fence in front of the house?

Weird how some trumpers think thata former president of the United States might need to have his home reinforced with a fence. More so than some guy sitting in Idaho or wherever.


Looks like the dude likes pillars. Can you find any pictures with the fence extending in front of his house?

Ah…“tastefully done”…you mean it’s not all gold leaf like tiny trump would do?

I think when this hoax first went around, that that new construction was actually an HQ for the Secret Service detail.

I was wondering about that. The fenced in area only goes around that small building detached from the house.

You know, the more I think about it. Why would he even want a wall around his house if he has a 24/7 Secret Service detail?

We should just send the secret service to the border. Who needs a wall?

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That’s a good point. Obama has secret service around his home. Therefore, if the analogy holds that Trump supporters are pushing, then we should just line up secret service along our entire border.

You just solved the problem.


That’s what I’m here for. Why else would I be getting paid the big bucks?

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The neighbors said there is a fence and the secret service would not be doing its job if there was not.

I suppose wall vs fence is the issue. President Trump said you can call it whatever you like.

DC can be a rough neighborhood. Maybe the fence is only 8 instead of 10 feet?

It is tastefully done, just like the one on the Mexican border will be.


Same reason trump voters want one with mexico.

The “fence” looks to be half fence half wall about 8 feet tall and under construction around perimeter with a substantial gate.

Trump was right…Again.


I don’t think the majority of Trump voters want a wall financed by the United States. We don’t like to waste money. The border wall is NOT going to be paid for by American tax dollars. That was NOT the deal. Either Mexico pays for it, or it’s not going to happen. Period.

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See those brick columns to the left covered with plastic? Those are newly constructed (the plastic is to protect the grout while it is curing) to match those seen at the right with the iron railing installed between them. I am confident that the fence will be the same across the entire front of the property when the construction is done. That said, it looks to be closer to 8 feet tall than 10.

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There is no wall around Obama’s home, as Trump claimed.

Trump supporters are claiming that there is a wall around Obama’s home.

No one on the planet earth is surprised anymore.


So there isn’t a wall ATM. Maybe there will be a fence at some point. We’ll have to wait and see.

Think of it as an investment that will pay for itself over the next 50 years.

If we want to talk about open ended $ commitments then we should talk ACA.

I’m rooting for a barbed wire fence. Tastefully done, of course.

Yes … pillars with iron bar fencing in between them.

So the posts with plastic over then were NOT built to have iron fencing between them?

here are three pics of Obama’s house.

First one before he moved int. Notice no columns that could have plastic over them
Second one, workers building the columns
Third, columns with plastic on to protect while curing.

Pictures are fair use from assorted news sites around the net that did not have copyrighted notices nor should they be able to be copyrighted