Trump claims there’s a 10-foot wall around the Obamas’ D.C. home. He is wrong

"Two neighbors in remarks to The Washington Post disputed Trump’s characterization. “There’s a fence that goes along the front of the house, but it’s the same as the other neighbors have. It’s tastefully done,” one neighbor, who was kept anonymous, told the newspaper.

Another neighbor also told the Post that the home is completely visible from the street “There is no 10-foot wall in the front, back or sides of the house - and no wall is going up,” the neighbor said."

Why doesn’t the media just say he “lies”? He does it all the time. Just call a lie a lie.

Donald lied? Get outta town.


Equating migrating to a country and establishing one’s life within their own domicile (whether rented or owned) as invading another’s domicile is weird. Jose renting an apartment a mile away is not somehow equivalent to someone invading my home just because Jose crosses the border illegally. This whole “you have a fence around your property!” Or “you lock your own doors!” Is a stupid ass argument.


Add it to the pile of lies

He’s a lying liar who lies. People who support him accept that.

Or the article supporting Obama could have just shown a picture of the fence/wall and let viewers decide. Wonder why not?

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Google search (or whatever “conservative” search engine floats your boat) Obama’s house, you’ll see there is no wall around Obama’s house that’s 10 feet tall.


Or is there?

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What is a house but four walls and a horizontal wall to seal it up?

Stop enabling a liar.


He was obviously joking.

Our national debt is like a credit card.

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So the big issue is whether this is technically a “fence” or a wall. It is a fence because you can see through it, apparently. And yet Trump has proposed a wall that you can see through.
Maybe we have a solution here. According to this description, Trump has not proposed a wall at all, he has proposed a fence.
So if Democrats are opposed to a wall for spites sake, maybe they could support a fence.

Sorry, but when Obama moved into his new DC home once he had to leave the safe secure White House property, he DID upgrade the wall around his new home.

Why would HE need to upgrade the wall/fence around his home?
Why does the US need to upgrage the wall/fence at the countries border?

ETA: Another article from 2017 showing the completed wall/fence around Obama’s DC home.


Why enable the lies? Anyone with eyes can determine Trump lied again. I don’t understand deflecting from it or attempting to make the lies the truth. I don’t understand why supporters just don’t go radio silent when obvious lies come up. Supporting Trump means supporting his lies. Embrace it. They are a huge part of him.

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Its almost like the purpose of the personal fence/wall and the border fence/wall were both to keep unwanted intruders out.


Trump repeatedly claimed a “wall”, a big, beautiful “wall”.

At no point did he want a “fence”. Even his steel slats.

Maybe Trump wants to build a steel building:

I guess he took the fence down.

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No, the picture you show is before it was put up.

Its invisible.

10ft fences