Trump children off limits?

There is a video in the link where he states they will go after the children for their financial shenanigans during trump’s time in the White House.
From Ivanka’s china trademarks she got because trump is in office to Jared selling off a company for more money. In which he made money from a tax break written into the law.

I’m gonna be curious to watch this play out. How will the gop argue this is ok while arguing that hunter was bad?

Adult children are not off limits. Real children are.


That’s why he better hope he gets reelected. I think alot of Shenanigans have happend and hell definitely be put under a microscope. Lots of lock him up chants

He loses I will write letters to whom ever I have to have the ag look at them… no barr to protect them

Even more so, politically active adult children.

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I dont think you’ll have to worry about that. Hes attacked the whole fbi,doj and everybody else I’m sure theres a line

Maybe…we will see.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound, American.

Oh it’s totally american…

Trumps children better protect their ankles.



For the FBI, and DOJ to pursue criminal charges or open investigations because they don’t like to be criticized? I don’t know what America you live in.

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Too bad.

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Trump’s kids are not off limits. But nobody will be voting for him or against him because of his family. Hunter is under investigation. As he should be. That could make a difference.

The real one. You think they won’t do it?

It has already been in the news that the SDNY is looking at Jared’s dealings. And since all the kids have positions in Trump Org they are likely to be part of any charges that might be filed.

Right but barr can squash this all right now. Trump loses and all bets are off…

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Welcome to trumps america.

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What did ya think was going to happen when he sacked the top FBI leader days before he was going to retire to try to screw him out of his pension.

“On MSNBC Saturday, former Michael Bloomberg adviser Tim O’Brien warned President Donald Trump and the GOP that if they continue to push conspiracy theories about former Vice President Joe Biden’s son and his work for a Ukrainian energy company…”

Conspiracy theories? Its not a theory that Hunter had no qualifications for the job other than that Biden had just been appointed point man for Ukraine, and was pushing Ukraine to increase energy production which would benefit Burisma. Those are facts. It only becomes a fake conspiracy theory when you hire some foreign ex spy to make things up and have allies push it through the FBI.

Politically, we have seen Bloomberg’s political genius…not. So he can try all the extortion he wants to hide the truth, its not going anywhere.

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Bring it on people and let’s get the truth, the whole truth out in the open. If Trump’s children are breaking laws, I want to know about it. Extortion and blackmailing is not the answer and to intimate that tactic is becoming very typical of the leftist, underhanded methodologies.

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