Trump certainly not Putin's Ol'Flexible stooge.. Military base in Poland

Remember Obama whispering to a Putin’s Crony about keeping missile defense out of Poland? I’m sure none of the leftist can. They are not allowed too. But Trump wants to put a permanent military base in Poland. It makes Putin mad. Obama felt bad when that happened, which is probably why Obama let Putin interfere in the election, and why Hillary bought dirt from Putin.

Trump is Cool…

You are comparing “comments” to the President that actually implemented OPERATION ATLANTIC RESOLVE?

and let Putin take Crimea and parts of Ukraine, while trashing the Ukrainians…

And Trump has done exactly what about it, beyond bluster?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That made me laugh out loud. :clap:

When are we going to get Crimea back for the Ukrainians?

He’s willing to do it because Poland will “contribute mightily towards it”.

You’re celebrating POTUS turning the US military into a mercenary force.

Even Poland know how to play Trump. “We want to call the base Fort Trump”

Did they really say that? If so, then how is it not obvious that the world is openly willing to mock the man to his face, couched in praise, in order to get what they want?

He did and it hit the mark too. The remark got one of his patented smile and shrugs as the interpretation was being fed through his earpiece.

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Trump is now the punchline for a global joke and he is too dumb to even understand it. Amazing.


Waste of time, but do you remember us putting in the missile defense base in Romania instead? Of course not.

Soldiers of fortune has a nice ring to it. Kind of a retro feel when saying it.

Good lord. I honestly thought you were joking. What an absolute cluster ■■■■ this man is.

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