Trump Caves on Wall

Looks like Trump will back down and not shut the government down over his Wall…

I was looking forward to the Trump Shut Down that he was going to be proud of.

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Art of the Deal.


It’s not a wall, it’s artistically designed steel slats.


This is getting funnier by the day. What a joke this admin. is.

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God that age so well

Hey Don Don, why don’t you deal with Paul Ryan and the Republicans to fund your artistic slats while they’re still here.

57d Chess, Trump is now going to fund the wall through arts grants.


I wonder if Trump himself ever thought this wall would materialize, or was this all just lip service for his fans?

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Shutting down this government is the best thing that could happen!

Aw shucks!

I was looking forward to that TRUMP SHUT DOWN as well.

He just isn’t a man of his word.


Wait a minute wait a minute - are you trying to tell us that Donald LIED about something? :scream:

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So he wants to keep building Obama Bollard-Fencing across the southern border!


So much for his 8 “big beautiful wall” prototypes he wasted millions on having built in the desert out east of San Diego.


What a schmuck.

They should leave them out there as a permanent testament to a clown’s antics, the fools who worshipped him as their messiah, and the damage he did to this nation.


I guess someone must have reminded Dumpster Donnie that Mexico was suppose to be sending the check to fund the wall.

Anyone getting tired of all this winning yet?


Good idea! Excellent Idea!

Trump supporters who see the deal as a must deliver for Trump seem to be very quiet. Last time Trump caved on the wall they gave him the benefit of the doubt but said never again.

I wonder what their excuse will be now or how they will spin this not as a Trump failure but a Trump win and lets not forget they will also blame Obama and the shadowy all powerful deep state.

Never again, again?

so…who else is laughing at the folks who said trump looked stron at that meeting? I am


you had me at laughing at folks

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Infrastructure Week continues to deliver.