Trump cant even be investigated?

thats what his attorneys are arguing in trumps appeal of his taxes being released.
his attorney argued that if trump shot someone on fith avenue he couldnt even be investigates

these guys have lost their mind…


Is he another Trump lawyer that graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School?

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So Donald is immune from prosecution should he attempt to murder someone.

Whelp, no point in going any further with the Ukraine quid quo pro inquiry. That’s small potatoes.

Can he be prosecuted for spying like Obama?

The lawyers could not be more clear. They can’t investigate. Stop complaining.

Well, I guess somebody owes one Mr. Bill Clinton a huge apology.


heres a twwet with the actual claim

We are nearing the end of our long national nightmare!

11/08/20 :ru::ukraine::tr::north_korea:

The cherry on top is going to be when it’s discovered Trump is actively doing that himself. There’s very little chance this stops with Ukraine

Sounds like he hired Trump U graduates

Only the best graduates. Summa Cum Bigly!


Just get a warrant and crash the White House front door and nab him.

Facetime that live for us please.


I wonder if this is the same lawyer that told Trump the Emoluments Clause was phony?

Donald has complete island immunity!


Judge Chin should be impeached.

Actually the Ukraine thing is add to the rest of those investigation into Obama and his Deepstate.

Of course though. The judge is not an American and was appointed by Obama. Makes good sense now.

Absolutely unreal. Might as well just declare ourselves a Monarchy and get it over with.

Oh my. Lower court ruling upheld on merit.

Fine by me.