Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


When zoney has a bbq, he orders from Domino’s.



When has this been a thing before?


She knows that a bill without some funding for the wall isn’t going to pass the senate. So, it is a worthless bill and it was a waste of time to pass it. Just like it was meaningless for the GOP to pass bills to repeal the ACA when they knew the bills were going no where. Just both side playing to their base.
Now she needs to pull on her big girl panties and sit down with the senate leaders and Trump and work out a bill that will pass. If she doesn’t than eventually she is going to look petty and bitter to everyone but her base. It’s one thing to say I won’t agree to this amount its another ball game to say I won’t deal at all.


Show me where an illegal child was killed by the border patrol or a detention employee while Trump has been President? I know of two children that died and they were both sent to US hospitals and treated.


Actually exactly such a bill did pass the Senate a few weeks ago. Unanimously.


Exactly. That’s why that silly statement that no President has ever given a state of the union speech before Congress during a shutdown was so ridiculous. Thanks for noticing my point.


Yes, it would be sweet for Barron’s nana and papa to move into the WH to care for him as well. I couldn’t agree more.


They live 5 minutes away. They probably don’t like trump any more than Melania does.


They’d love you though!


Pence, Pelosi

1 , 2, but never let numbers get in the way of being you.


If Trump really wanted to endanger Pelosi, he would have canceled her flight home and put her on a No Fly List :wink: so this nonsense of her saying the White House releasing her travel plans is purely crap.


That makes absolutely no sense.


Who is fooling who, blippie? That is the question. :crazy_face:


Being a liberal, I understand you can not distinguish the difference between the act of killing someone, AKA, murder and someone who tragically dies in custody. What you also refuse to acknowledge is that the laws which cause the separation of children from their parents were not passed by the Trump administration, but were in effect when he came into office. The common cause, and therefore the solution to both killing and children dying in custody, is to get people to understand and believe that they do not have a RIGHT to come to our country, not legally, and certainly not illegally.

It is you liberals who want open borders and who allow people to enter our country illegally who commit murder and cause children to be separated from parents. Every innocent person who is hurt is on the liberal conscience- except none of you have one…


You really need to do your homework before you repeat another Trump talking point lie.


If Trump really wanted to help America, he would not have cancelled Pelosi’s trip to Afghanistan thirty minutes before she was to leave the United States. This was horrible timing! He should have let her make the trip over there, and THEN cancelled the plane for her trip back. Now that would have helped America!


That was so useful. I wonder why trump didn’t think of that. I think there are some openings at the White House, Consider putting your name in the hat.


I really dont have the inclination to argue points rested here a ways back. It would be moronic


That’s fine. Because there is no argument. Your talking point is not true. End of discussion.


Do you actually think Princess Nancy and her minions were actually going to fly commercial along with the smelly, uneducated masses?