Trump can tell everything about KJU in 5 seconds?

“It’s just my touch, my feel – thats what I do,” Trump declared at a wide-ranging press conference before leaving the G-7 summit in Quebec, Canada

If Trump can “tell everything about someone in five seconds”, how can he be upset about the FBI not tellin’ him about Paul Manafort?

9:36 PM - 9 Jun 2018

We all know that Trump Diddled Stormy but I seriously doubt it was anywhere close to being in overdrive. She said it was boring

Is this the go to defection when someone points out Trump saying something stupid?


When Obama said something stupid, many cons harped on about it for days, weeks, years. But with Trump, stupid things are said almost daily so we get new material all the time.

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But seriously then- why didn’t Trump see Manafort coming, given his superpower of touch/feel?

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Why didn’t Trump use this ‘touch/feel’ superpower when he was hiring Flynn? Scaramucci? Omarosa? Gorka? Bannon?

I am starting to feel uneasy about this summit.

Didn’t know he was so touchy feely.

No need to feel uneasy, it’s all under control…

Yikes! He is clueless.

If ever there was a time for a sequel it’s now

when are you going to accept that obama isnt the pres anymore?

hes not lying, it will be like looking into a mirror.

a egomaniac quick to anger with a penchant for telling lies who desperately want a foreign policy win to make up for a lack of progress on the domestic side

Yeah if you dare speak out against Trump…you are deranged! It’s what they have to tell themselves in order to look at themselves squarely everyday for falling for this crap. Lol


Nothing at all to do with Obama, just how stupid Trump is and the hypocrisy of those who used to criticize Obama for weeks on end for stupid statements.

he got rid of them. that speaks to his resolve if you as me

(same excuse used when many DNC officials were fired right before their convention btw… “nothing to see here”…)

oh boy… posts that begin with ”huh?”

you keep bringing up what may or may not have happened when your lord O was president

move past him… it’s time to face reality

If Trump’s “touch” were as good as he said, he wouldn’t have kept in place some of the people he has chosen to assist him in managing this country? Keeping Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and Sally Yates to name a few have been great examples where his “touch” is not perfect. There’s no doubt that he isn’t anywhere as good as he thinks he is. The thing is though…he doesn’t truly know that and he tries harder and is more daring than any POTUS I’ve witnessed in my almost 60 years on this planet. Now I just pray he’s successful.

… can you do the fandango?

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Lord O?

I vote for McCain in '08 and Johnson in '12.

I never really care that Obama misspoke though. On occasion he said some truly stupid ■■■■.

But it wasn’t an almost daily thing.

i think those are diffetent “touches”

i pray too. we all do (except for deranged leftists like Bill Maher who hope for failure) thanks