Trump campaigns for “Lyin Ted”

People aren’t stupid. Trump insulted Cruz’s wife. It’s pathetic.

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Yes he did.

Yes they are.


The double talk is only around the reality distortion that you are attempting to make excuses for the President’s poor behavior.

I’m not defending his behavior. I think what Trump did was childish, unbecoming a presidential candidate and added nothing to the debate.
Accurately reporting what he did gets that across much better than lies do.

What is the fundamental difference between Trump calling Cruz’s wife ugly and retweeting a meme that calls Cruz’s wife ugly?

The meme didn’t call his wife ugly. It was an unflattering picture. Why not just say that?

What kind of delusion is necessary to not get the implication that they were calling her ugly?

Sometimes succinctness is in order. We all know the truth. My bullet list would have lost effectiveness had I made some long-winded explanation for each bullet point.

I trust that everyone on this forum is fairly intelligent and well-informed as to the exact facts of these things.

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It wouldn’t have needed to be long winded.

  1. Trump twice tweeted an unattractive picture of Cruz’ wife.
  2. Trump repeated the claim that Cruz’ father was photographed with Oswald immediately prior to the assassination.
    That would have been short, true and equally damning.
    BTW- I’ve observed that you are almost always accurate in what you post. Much better than most.

Well, thanks. I appreciate your last comment.

And you are right, I do try to be accurate in what I post which is why I took your criticism seriously and responded to it.

Had I thought of your simple direct example I might have used it.

What was the purpose of placing an unflattering picture of one spouse in direct comparison to a flattering picture of another?

We’re good and I probably made more out of it than I should have.

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That’s exactly what it said. Not in words but in substance.

You’re going spend all day going back and forth on this. You’re not supposed to take certain arguments seriously. Some people are obviously trolling.

I thought of that picture as witchy and shrewish more than out right ugly. Either way it was unnecessary on Trump’s part. If I were Cruz, I wouldn’t ask for his help.

You’re splitting hairs to a near subatomic level.

People understand exactly what he did.


I don’t get what people are so upset about. That picture was obviously a compliment of Cruz’s wife. Witches are often depicted as attractive in the media, so it shouldn’t automatically be considered an insult to depict someone as a witch, or even a shrew; those can be quite attractive animals.

If I was Cruz, I would be asking Trump to spread more memes on Twitter about me and my wife. As they say, all publicity is good publicity.

When a man attacks you not just on a normal political level, but goes hard after your loved ones, and then you come back groveling to help him become President? Yeah, that is pretty much the definition of a sellout.

That’s what I’m saying. I don’t remember him acting like that before this. Despite his tv preacher creepiness his actions, at least as far as I remember, have been pretty straightforward and consistent, unapologetic and hard right.