Trump campaigns for “Lyin Ted”

It seems Ted Cruz is campaigning in Texas with the guy (Trump) that:

  1. Called his wife ugly
  2. Said his father helped assasinate JFK
  3. Said Cruz hadn’t done anything for Texas

Cruz must be desperate. Can you imagine the awkwardness of the rally and Trump greeting Ted’s wife? And Ted has to watch that? Wow!

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While not a Ted Cruz fan, I didn’t previously view him as a sellout. Guess I’ll have to rethink that.

What a perfect matchup:

The disgusting incompetent orange criminal pairing with a total sleazy sellout.

Match made in hell.


I voted for Ted in 2016 - never again. After the way he has sold out, he has demonstrated that he has no principles. He has truly been a disappointment.

On another note, it shows Trump’s hypocrisy as well. Trump attacked the guy in 2016 as not good for American leadership. Now he’s running around campaigning for the guy.

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Trump didn’t call Cruz’ wife ugly.
Trump didn’t say Cruz’ father helped assassinate JFK.

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You mean Deceiving Donny? LOL!

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Yeah, those 2 are quite the match - lol

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I am amazed at how short some people’s memories are.

I have a feeling Trump seriously doesn’t remember he insulted Cruz in 2016.

I’m amazed at how every liberal thread starts with one or more lies.
Trump posted an ugly picture of Cruz’s wife. The picture spoke for itself.
Trump repeated the claim that Cruz’ father was photographed with Oswald shortly before he shot Kennedy. He didn’t say he helped Oswald.
What is wrong with posting the truth?

Parsing out excuses for poor and terrible behavior on the President’s part does not change the facts for those who live in actual reality.


Parsing? Is that what you call the difference between the truth and a lie?
If you want to point out insults Trump directed at Cruz, why not tell the truth? Try it.

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Holy ■■■■, the amount of denial and dishonesty in this single post sums up trumpism.


You see… us humans understand that retweeting a stupid meme that compares the looks of spouses, one picture being flattering and the other being unflattering and saying that it “speaks for itself”… carries with it the connotation that the person repeating that in a public place is indeed calling the opponents spouse ugly.

Unless one feels this need to absolve any poor behavior of the President and fail to recognize the ugliness that he often represents for what ever reason that may be… my working theory is that bugs have eaten people’s brains.

Which is why I am now separating out the Trump cultists from us humans who understand how things like language works.


Wow! You’re right. That totally changes things. Now I understand why Lyin’ Ted is so friendly with Trump. He never called Ted’s wife ugly. He just posted an ugly picture of her. Ted’s got to be totally cool with that.

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It’s always fun to see the political whores out themselves. Cruz is just another of a long line of ass kissers with no personal integrity who will happily kiss the ring of Trump just to keep his power. I hope he loses.

No. You’re trying your best to defend lies.
The amount of double talk you’re throwing out proves it.
You need to be able to simply state that Trump did say these things and provide references. You can’t do this because he did not say them, so you throw up a wall of crap.

To be honest i can’t figure out who is more pathetic, Cruz because he asks a guy who he called amoral and a coward to campaign for him. Trump because he is an amoral coward or the people who would vote for either of them now.

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Who’s lap have you had your head in?

Cruz is showing his true Christian values by forgiving Trump, just like the way Trump forgives others. All men can be amoral at times, but true morality is shown by those who can change their behavior. Texas is going to show the nation how God-fearing they are by the way they reelect men who failed in the past, but are going to Make America Great Again once they are put back in office.

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